• Exclusive
    Salon Services Portable Beauty Bed
    • Ideal for mobile therapists
    • Lightweight and foldable with handle to carry
    • Adjustable height
    • Reclining backrest
    • Face hole
    ex VAT
    • 2 piece couch
    • Electric lift action
    • Sleek handset control for height adjustment
    • Gas release adjustable backrest and locking wheels
    • New thicker plush upholstery with face hole infill
    ex VAT
  • SAVE
    Limited Edition
    Sibel Sibel Sunset Massage Table 13.5kg
    • Rounded corners which have been reinforced to prevent damage during transport
    • Takes seconds to fold.
    • Adjustable face cradle and luxurious armrest is included
    £74.25 £297.00
    ex VAT
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  • Exclusive
    Salon Services Paris Beauty Bed
    • Perfect for salons of all sizes
    • Adjustable backrest
    • Pillow attachment for client comfort
    • Thick, padded mattress
    ex VAT
    • Stylish portable beauty bed with carry case
    • Ideal for mobile therapists
    • Lightweight aluminium alloy frame
    • Adjustable backrest with face hole
    • Height adjustable legs
    ex VAT
  • Exclusive
    Salon Services Hydraulic Beauty Bed
    • Suitable for multiple beauty treatments
    • Hydraulic height adjustment
    • 360-degree rotation
    • Padded cushioning for client comfort
    • Removable cushion reveals face hole
    ex VAT