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    Daylight Smart Travel Lamp
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    • Lightweight, compact and portable wireless lamp
    • Folds down to fit in your bag
    • Rechargeable for up to 10 hours of light
    • USB compatible
    • Continuous dimmer
    £25.00 £30.00
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    • 56 high-quality bright daylight LEDS-Provide accurate colour matching
    • Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels
    • Lamp brightness: 2,090 Lux at 30cm (12")
    • Cable length: 1.8m (68.9")
    ex VAT
    • White light (6,000°K)
    • 90+ CRI for perfect rendering of skin tones
    • LEDs that produce a softer, glare-free light
    • Continuous dimmer switch for a fully variable light intensity
    • Removable mobile phone holder with USB port
    ex VAT
    • >28 high-quality bright daylight LEDs
    • Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels
    • Lamp brightness: 1,145 Lux at 30cm
    • 1.5m length cable
    ex VAT
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    Gelish 18G Unplugged Rechargeable LED Light
    SAVE £75
    • Get ready to roam with the 18G Unplugged LED Light from Gelish!
    • Intelligent Power Assist™ for consistent, high-performance battery-powered curing
    • Exclusive Comfort Cure™ technology mitigates heat spikes
    • Displays real-time battery level, power level and LED countdown
    • 36-watts of powder with diamond reflectors for high-performance, even curing
    £304.99 £379.99
    ex VAT
    • Full length diffuser
    • Better spread of light diffusion
    • 4 brightness levels on LED light
    ex VAT
  • Last Chance
    Sibel LED Magnifier Lamp Base
    • Weighted 5-star base
    • For use with Sibel LED Magnifier Lamp 5x
    • Castors for easy mobility
    £33.00 £43.00
    ex VAT
    • Bright Daylight LEDs with 2 brightness levels
    • Adjustable spring arm holds any position
    • 12.7cm glass lens
    • 110cm long arm reach
    ex VAT
    • Large 17.5cm (7") glass lens
    • 108cm long arm reach
    • Powerful daylight LEDs
    • 2 brightness levels
    • 3 dioptre (1.75X) magnification
    ex VAT
    • 2 shades with diffuser
    • Shadow-free lighting
    • 4 levels of LED brightness with USB output
    • Telescopic stand
    • Flexible, removable phone holder and carry bag included
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Double head increasing your illuminated work surface
    • Flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it
    • 56 high quality bright LEDs provide accurate colour matching
    • Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels
    • Lamp brightness: 2,090 Lux at 30cm (12")
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Round mirror
    • Plain and magnifying
    • Metal frame
    • With stand
    • For home or salon use
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Tweezerman optically correct 12x Magnifying Mirror
    • For up-close tweezering, lens insertion and applying makeup
    • With suction cups for stability
    • Edge to edge mirrored surface
    • Diameter 8.5cm
    ex VAT
Browse our salon quality magnifying lamps and desk lamps online and find items perfect for porfessional use. Our magnifying lights are a great option to help you see small details in beauty treatments so choosing a magnifying desk lamp can be a great choice for nail bars or mobile nail techs.