• Low Price
    Salon Services Acetone 1 Litre
    Low Price
    • Super strong nail polish remover
    • Removes nail polish from natural nails
    • Remove artificial nails
    • Essential product for any salon
    • Available in 125ml, 500ml or 1L bottles
    ex VAT
    • Salon Services Brush on Nail Glue
    • Easy application
    • Fast Drying
    • High quality formula
    • Long-lasting hold
    ex VAT
    • Get ready to roam with the 18G Unplugged LED Light from Gelish!
    • Intelligent Power Assist™ for consistent, high-performance battery-powered curing
    • Exclusive Comfort Cure™ technology mitigates heat spikes
    • Displays real-time battery level, power level and LED countdown
    • 36-watts of powder with diamond reflectors for high-performance, even curing
    ex VAT
    • Ultraform Tips from Salon Services
    • Quality meets value
    • For flat or curved nail beds
    • Non-yellowing virgin ABS plastic
    • Pack of 50 size 6 tips supplied
    ex VAT
  • Exclusive
    Asp Brush Saver 14ml
    • Cleans brush after use
    • Prevents resin from sticking to brush
    ex VAT
    • 4 brightness levels
    • Integrated LED emit low heat
    • Lightweight aluminum shade with full length diffuser for better spread of light and diffusion, shadow free
    • Ergonomically designed with two flex-joints for perfect positioning, long reach
    • 2 years manufacturer guarantee
    ex VAT
    out of stock
  • Exclusive
    Asp Brush On Activator 14ml
    • Quickly cures the nail surface after resin application
    • Brush-on solution
    ex VAT
  • Exclusive
    Asp Builder Resin 14ml
    • Perfect for adding strength to fibreglass or silk nails
    • Ideal for creating a C-curve
    • Easy to use bottle
    ex VAT
    • Combines powerful Daylight LEDs (6,000 K) with alarge 17.7cm (7 ) glass lens
    • Contemporary, slim and stable design andfFree-motion arm and head joint with wing nut can hold any position
    • 3 diopter (1.75X) magnification and 2 brightness levels
    • Long reach arm 108cm (42.5 ) with internal springs
    • 2 years manufacturer guarantee
    ex VAT
    • Innovative, high performance design from the bottom up!
    • SmartCure technology for quick, comfortable gel curing
    • Diamond reflectors, perfect 360 5 finger cure
    • EyeGuard LED Shield - The ultimate in eye protection for safe LED services
    • Removable santizable magnetic tray
    ex VAT
    • HandsDown Lint Free Nail Wipes
    • Pack of 200
    • For gel nails and nail art
    • Absorbent and strong material
    ex VAT
  • Limited Edition
    Artistic Colour Gloss Professional Gel Polish Starter Kit
    • Professional soak-off gel polish kit from Artistic
    • Get started with great quality products
    • Includes 12 Colour Gloss shades, Bond & Gloss, Prep & Remover, Cuticle Oil and Foils
    ex VAT
  • Offer
    ASP  Professional Gel Nail Polish Curve LED Lamp
    3 + 1 FREE
    • Powerful advanced curing technology
    • Designed with 78 state-of-the-art Taiwanese LED bulbs that provide the best wavelength (405nm) for curing and over 8000 bulb hours
    • Angled lights for full 5-finger curing
    • Ensures maximum comfort for clients
    • Pre-set 10, 30 and 60 second timer for accurate curing
    ex VAT
    • Comfort Cure technology to mitigate heat spikes for sensitive clients
    • Optimized For PolyGel: New 60 second button has optimized the new light for curing PolyGel white applications
    • The Gold Standard of LED; improved High Efficiency LED technology that saves power and increases longevity
    • Illuminated comfort pad and digital touch screen display
    • Meets standard safety compliances world-wide, with Patented eyeShield and Safelight Technology
    ex VAT
    • Lightweight (2.4kg), portable with included carry bag
    • 2 flexible shades with diffuser for shadow free lighting and 4 brightness levels
    • Telescopic stand with stable flat base
    • Flexible and removable mobile phone holder with USB port
    • 2 years manufacturer guarantee
    ex VAT
    • Essentials Acetone from Salon System
    • Many salon uses
    • Removes nail polish quickly
    • 1l bottle
    • For high volume use
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Salon Services Foil Nail Wraps
    • Pack of 400
    • Pre-cut foil for the removal of gel and acrylic nails
    • Pre-folded edge for comfort and protection
    • Simple and quick to apply
    ex VAT
  • Exclusive
    ASP Glue N' GO!, Nail Glue Clear Pack of 5
    • Single use disposable nail glue
    • Ideal for mobile nail technicians or use on the go
    • Precision applicator
    • Self piercing cap
    • Bonds instantly
    ex VAT
  • Exclusive
    ASP Brush On Glue Clear 6g
    • ASP Brush On Glue Clear
    • Easy application
    • Long-lasting hold
    • Fast-drying with quick adhesion
    ex VAT
    • 5x magnification lamp
    • 45 SMD LEDs for cold white light
    • Adjustable neck
    • 8W
    • 5 dioptres
    ex VAT
    • Nail glue from Salon System
    • For stay-put tips
    • Handbag-sized bottle
    • Clog-free
    • 6ml bottle
    ex VAT
    • Weighted 5-star base
    • For use with Sibel LED Magnifier Lamp 5x
    • Castors for easy mobility
    ex VAT
    • Gel foil wraps from Magis
    • For soaking off gel polishes
    • Built-in hem
    • Tested by nail technicians
    • Pack of 500
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Lightweight, compact and portable wireless lamp
    • Folds down to fit in your bag
    • Rechargeable for up to 10 hours of light
    • USB compatible
    • Continuous dimmer
    ex VAT
    • Motion Sensor
    • 3 timer settings: 10, 30, 60 seconds to suit your needs
    • 36 Watts: State of the art LED curing technology for a superior finish
    • No production of harmful UV light so that nails remain strong and beautiful
    • A removable magnetic base plate for client pedicures
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Freelance friendly table magnifier lamp
    • Magnification 10.2cm
    • 5 dioptres
    • Extra bumper
    • Adjustable neck
    ex VAT
    • Salon Services Nail Glue
    • Fast drying
    • High quality formula
    • Long-lasting hold
    ex VAT
  • Exclusive
    ASP Quick Dip Acrylic Dipping Powder Nail Colour, Replacement Caps & Brushes Pack of 2
    • Replacement caps & brushes for ASP Quick Dip treatment lines
    ex VAT
    • Full set in approximately 20 to 25 minutes
    • Fast and easy professional application
    • Delivers the wearability of a soak-off gel and the durability of acrylic
    • Odourless application, easy to apply
    • Up to 21 days of vibrant, high gloss colour!
    ex VAT
  • 3 FOR 2
    • Creates beautiful crystal clear acrylic nails when used with ASP Power Set Acrylic Powder
    • With patented UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing and guarantees no crystalisation
    • Quick setting
    • Flawless clarity
    • Fast and easy application
    ex VAT
  • Exclusive
    ASP Quick Dip Duster Brush
    • 2 in 1 dual-purpose brush with firm and soft bristles
    • Ideal for removing powder and cleaning the finished nail
    • Alcohol and acetone resistant
    • Sturdy brush handle
    • 100% sanitisable
    ex VAT
  • 3 FOR 2
    • Creates beautiful crystal clear acrylic nails when used with ASP Power Set Acrylic Liquid
    • Advanced molecular technology for maximum retention of acrylic to natural nails
    • Easy to apply and work with
    • Superior strength
    • Quick setting
    ex VAT
    • S Professional Gel Remover Foil Nail Wraps
    • Efficient and economical application
    • Speed up gel removal
    • Pre cut foil wraps
    • Quick and easy gel removal
    ex VAT
    • Slim, modern design LED floor lamp with flexible arm
    • 2 independently adjustable heads
    • 56 high-quality bright daylight LEDs
    • Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels
    • 1.8m length cable
    ex VAT
    • Salon System Acetone
    • Thin thick nail polish
    • Quick removal
    • Not suitable for use on artifical nails
    • 500ml
    ex VAT
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