• Professional quality thread from La La Lashes
    • Smooth and strong with a silky texture
    • Bright and visible for ease of use
    • Perfect for threading brows and other areas of the face
    • A firm salon favourite
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    • Soft brow waxing strips
    • Can be cut to size
    • Mould to the contours of the face for good coverage
    • Smooth results every time with no waxy residue
    • Pack of 100 supplied
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  • Offer
    Salon Services Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush
    1+ 1 HALF PRICE
    • Brow scissor and brush set from Tweezerman
    • Stainless steel scissors
    • Precision sharp and thin blades
    • For trimming and shaping of brows
    • Ergonomic design
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  • Exclusive
    Salon Services Dual Ended Tweezer
    • Professional quality double sided tweezers
    • Effective and targeted extraction
    • Two different plucking experineces in one
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    • High quality threading thread
    • For removal of unwanted facial hair
    • Supplied in packs of ten
    • Helps minimise pain and itrritation
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  • Exclusive
    Salon Services Eyebrow Spatulas
    • Salon Services Eyebrow Spatulas
    • Perfect for intricate waxing areas
    • Small and disposable
    • Ideal for application on eyebrows
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    • A light, gentle cream for eye and brow areas
    • For pre-wax cleansing and post-wax relief
    • Reduces reddening caused by threading or waxing
    • Removes all traces of makeup and oil
    • Pleasant rose fragrance
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    • Professional scissors for eyebrow trimming
    • Fine point, curved matt silver design
    • Stainless steel for easy sterilisation
    • Well-made and robust
    • Dedicated brow scissors for good salon hygiene
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    • A soft wax for facial use
    • Safe product with a low melting point
    • Gentle, creamy formula moisturises as it waxes
    • With invigorating limonene
    • For salon use
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    • Thread for hair removal
    • 1 spool, 300m
    • Minimal pain and irritation
    • Anti-bacterial treatment
    • 100% cotton thread
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