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    Redken Brews Beard & Skin Oil 30ml
    • Treat Freshly Shaved, Sensitive Skin To Redken Brews Aftershave Balm.
    • Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula
    • Infused with soothing aloe vera
    • non-greasy balm melts effortlessly into skin to nourish and replenish, whilst addressing redness and irritation for a smooth, super-soft face after every shave
    • skin feels calm and hydrated without sticky residue.
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    Redken Brews After Shave Balm 125ml
    • Achieve A Close, Comfortable Shave With Redken Brews Men's Shave Cream
    • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive
    • ultra-hydrating formula creates a protective veil over skin for superior razor glide
    • minimised nicks and irritation
    • Skin feels smooth, moisturised and nourished after use
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    Burban After-Shave Balm 500ml
    • Finish every shaving experience with a soothingly fresh tingle - without the cheek slapping morning dance
    • Helps to aid healing and cell regeneration
    • Fights against inflammation
    • Calms your skin after the daily stress of razor use
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    • Apply to nicks, cuts or irritated areas after shaving
    • Provides instant soothing relief
    • Astringent and antiseptic properties
    • Comes in re-sealable case
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    Pashana Eau De Cologne Lotion 250ml
    • Cologne and hair tonic in one
    • Use on hair and skin
    • Maintains healthy hair and invigorates scalp
    • Light floral and woody aroma
    • Blend of essential oils, including orange, lemon and rosemary
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    WAHL 5 Star Bay Rum Aftershave 250ml
    • Traditional Bay Rum splash-on aftershave
    • Strong spicy scent
    • Leaves the skin feeling refreshed
    • Great to use to finish off that fresh shave
    • This old timer hasn't lost any class; what men should smell like
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    • Provides relief to irritated skin
    • For a smoother, softer skin surface
    • A cooling effect for a refreshed feel
    • Enzymatic exfoliant to prevent ingrown hairs
    • Moisturises irritated areas and closes pores
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    Dapper Dan Barbershop Classic Aftershave Balm 75ml
    • Made in the UK
    • Soothes and moisturises skin after shaving
    • Apply to the face and neck
    • With aloe vera, allantoin, chamomile, eucalyptus and menthol
    • Reduces irritation and calms redness
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    • After-shaving sheet mask treatment
    • Instantly cools, soothes and reduces redness
    • Nourishing and hydrating
    • Relaxing mask
    • Perfect for luxury wet shaves or retail to clients
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    The Bluebeards Revenge Eau de Toilette
    • Refreshing, modern and masculine
    • Laser-etched logo on the bottle
    • Accented by Sicilian bergamot and Liguarian basil
    • The heart features a rich blend of jasmine, black tea and watermint
    • Rich base notes include Madagascar vanilla highlighted by sandalwood and patchouli along with oakmoss and musk
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    • Prevents irritation post-shave
    • Soothes skin
    • Helps stop bleeding and disinfects minor cuts
    • Cools and refreshes skin
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