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    <ul><li>Treat Freshly Shaved, Sensitive Skin To Redken Brews Aftershave Balm.</li><li>Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula</li><li>Infused with soothing aloe vera</li><li>non-greasy balm melts effortlessly into skin to nourish and replenish, whilst addressing redness and irritation for a smooth, super-soft face after every shave</li><li>skin feels calm and hydrated without sticky residue.</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>Smell great, feel better with Barburys Bandido Aftershave! </li><li>Ideal for use after a traditional shave </li><li>Helps to soothe the skin and reduce irritation </li><li>Masculine, fresh fragrance </li></ul>
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    <ul><li>After-shave spray</li><li>Easy indentification of the product’s degree of hold and shine from the packaging</li><li>The line is divided into a men’s and women’s segment.</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>Provides relief to irritated skin</li><li>For a smoother, softer skin surface</li><li>A cooling effect for a refreshed feel</li><li>Enzymatic exfoliant to prevent ingrown hairs</li><li>Moisturises irritated areas and closes pores</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>Prevents irritation post-shave</li><li>Soothes skin</li><li>Helps stop bleeding and disinfects minor cuts</li><li>Cools and refreshes skin</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>Masculin fresh fragrance</li><li>Rehydrates skin</li><li>Softens and repairs skin</li><li>Protects against irritation </li><li>Smell great, feel better!</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>Apply to nicks, cuts or irritated areas after shaving</li><li>Provides instant soothing relief</li><li>Astringent and antiseptic properties</li><li>Comes in re-sealable case</li></ul>