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How-to: textured ponytail

Posted on 18th December 2015 by PROinsider
’Tis the season when salons and mobile stylists are high in demand, so it’s time to get creative with your styling to show clients that you’re both on top of the trends and constantly refreshing your menu of Christmas hairstyles.

We’ve created a series of how-to videos for a little reminder of what the key trends are for this festive season. For the third installment, we’ve taken the classic ponytail and added some festive va va voom with plenty of volume and texture. Ponytails will continue to rule in 2016, and this style is so versatile for your clients – from weddings to a glam day at the office, there’s always an occasion for the perfect pony. Salon manager Simon Tuckwell created the look – so, just follow his how-to steps in the video below.

Step by step

1.    Prep hair by adding curls to add movement and texture.
2.    Tie hair back into a loose ponytail.
3.    Take out two two-three inch sections at the front of the head.
4.    Take an inch from the right section and cross over the top of the ponytail and wrap around the tie and secure with pins.
5.    Take another inch and repeat the process until all the right section has been used.
6.    Repeat on the other side.
7.    Pull out sections of the hair and press with the straighteners to add volume and prevent frizz.
8.    Take one-inch sections from the ponytail and plait to add different textures to the look.
9.    Finish by using a sock diffuser to rid any frizz but maintain the shape. 

Simon says: “Another good tip is to add a plait at the nape of the neck while you are prepping the rest of the hair. When you’re ready to take the curls down, run the straighteners over the plait and then undo it. The hair should be lightly crimped, which will add another level of texture to the look.” 


Hair: Simon Tuckwell 
Make-up: Dani Guinsberg
Nails: Carrie Jones
Model: Abigail @ Wilhelmina Models
Styling: Adelaide Turnbull
Studio: Motel Studios
Video: Rishan @ Pocket Motion Pictures

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