Halloween Makeup That Lasts Late Into The Night

It doesn't matter whether you're going for a spooky, ghostly look or you're planning a sizzling, vampy style this Halloween, the important thing is being able to rely on your makeup to stay in place long enough to enjoy it.

Give trick or treaters a fright for all the right reasons and enjoy Halloween makeup that lasts late into the night, with some top tips from talented makeup artists.

Frighteningly Fabulous Face Painting

As with any makeup, a primer helps hold everything as a base – especially important when you're building a strong, Halloween look.

If you're using face paint as your foundation base, make sure you also apply moisturiser to avoid flaking or cracking (white face paint is particularly bad for this). Try Skintruth Equalising Moisturiser as it will help balance any excess oil that can occur with face paints.

When you're choosing your face paints, opt for some water-based products as they are easy to work with. Glycerin based are best (just look at the ingredients) as they blend easier with a sponge, dry a little slower and more evenly, so when you're applying different colours with a sponge they will give a better finish.

To get good, even coverage and avoid smearing, use a cosmetic sponge to apply your face paint. Add a little water and dab gently onto your skin.

When you add any other colour over your white base, use your sponge to apply with gentle dabbing motions to avoid smearing and when you're using face paint to black out your eyes, use black eye shadow to set the paint and prevent creases. And, if you're planning on using a powder product, like eye shadow, be sure to apply this first, to stop any falling out into your base.

Set your face faint with a transparent setting powder or keep your paint in place with a very light coating of fine hair spray over the top.

Great Tips for Glam Ghouls

An easy but effective way to get some Halloween glam is to use transfers or stencils. For dramatic eyes, use your eyebrows as a guide, particularly the arch and place the transfers or stickers above and below to suit your eye shape (again do your eye makeup first).

Try the Body Art Stencil set in black as they are easy to apply as well as reusable, you can also change the shape and style easily to suit. Finish with some party eyelashes and go for the Dazzle Strip Lashes.

For a 'vamp' style lip, use a black soft kohl liner (try Lord and Berry Line 'n Shade) and line the lips over the top of some lip balm (Carmex cherry tube) lightly fill these in with the black liner and apply some gloss over the top to finish the look. Lord and Berry Over Coat Lip Gloss Water is perfect for this.

Smoking Tips for Scary Faces

When it comes to Halloween makeup, the bigger the better. To get that 'dead' look, enhance your 'bad' areas such as bags under the eyes and make sure to contour out below cheek bones and your temples for a creepy, hollow effect.

Always blend with a fluffy brush around outlines to add depth and shadow so it appears more realistic, scary Halloween make up isn't about being neat it's more about creating an illusion.

Once Halloween is over and the vampires, ghosts and ghouls retreat back into the night, make sure you go to bed with a fresh, makeup-free face. The best tip for removing Halloween makeup - particularly around the eyes - is to use a good quality oil based make remover that will pick up all the paint. Try Skintruth Cleansing Oil, which will nourish the skin at the same time.

Get ready for a spook-tacular Halloween and enjoy long-lasting makeup that will survive even the scariest party!


• Lynne Mills
Make-up artist

• Lorna Thomas
Make Up Artist