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5 holiday looks your client will want to avoid…

Posted on 26th June 2015 by PROinsider

With everyone documenting their holidays on social media nowadays, there’s no room for chipped nails, dodgy tans or frizzy locks, so make sure you’re maximising your summer profits by offering handy holiday packages…

1. A hairy situation
We’ve all been there. Running around the pool, loving life and having a giggle with the girls, when suddenly you look down to see a ‘prickly’ situation on your pins and around the bikini line. Heat stimulates natural hair growth, so offering a waxing package saves clients having to awkwardly readjust their bikini bottoms every couple of days.

2. Beach pale
Blending into the white sand on holiday can be a tad embarrassing (especially if you’ve managed to lay your towel next to a 6ft-tall bronzed goddess). Treat clients to a confidence-boosting spray tan for that first-day-on-the-beach bikini plunge.



3. De-feeted
Men are finally swapping the socks-and-sandals combo for flip-flops, but some are still letting the side down with yellow-stained, chipped toenails and this is where you come in. According to the Beautiful Britain Survey 2015, 90 per cent of salons saw a jump in male customers last year, so offer a ‘his and hers’ holiday mani and pedi package to boost profits and put a stop to anti-social summer feet.


4. “It’s the humidity!”
Unless you’re in that rare group (think Rapunzel and Jennifer Aniston) blessed with naturally smooth, sleek hair that repels frizz, pretty much all of us can identify with Monica from Friends and her disastrous holiday hair. Offer a pre-holiday blow dry to keep locks smooth and glossy for the first few days. Then recommend Biolage Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray to keep that sleekness locked in all holiday long… and a sunhat. A big sunhat.

5. Spot of bother
Spots have an inbuilt radar; in the lead up to your holiday (when you’ve stayed in for weeks) there’s not a pimple in sight. But as soon as you touch down and slap on the sun cream, they rear their ugly heads and outstay their welcome for the entire holiday. Suggest to clients that they book in for a facial about a week before their holiday, to rejuvenate skin and allow any redness and irritation to calm down.

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