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Everything you need to know about Black Friday

Posted on 25th November 2015 by PROinsider
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but we’re not talking about Christmas, we’re talking about Black Friday. If you’re not familiar with Black Friday, it’s the one day (or in some cases a whole weekend) where massive brand names and shops treat us to an early Christmas present by putting on amazing sales. From laptops to your fave make-up, you’re bound to get something you’ve had your eye on – even if it’s just a great opportunity to bulk-up the prezzies under the tree.
Salon Services will be having its very own Black Friday but are renaming it Fuchsia Friday – there will be savings of up to 50% on big brands including Gelish, GHD, ETI and Wahl to name a few, so make sure you stop by to pick up some bargains. Shop now

It started in America, where it can get extremely intense, then moved over to the UK where it’s more like a cranked-up version of Dale’s Supermarket Sweep (without Dale and the big yellow banana.) If it is your first Black Friday, follow our survival guide…
1.    Take a sneak peak at what will be on offer so you know exactly what you’re going to buy. 

2.    If you’re really serious about Black Friday then book the day off work.

3.    Get up early. Like really early.

4.    Have a hearty breakfast.

5.    Go for layers, true it’s November but the emotional/stress sweat WILL definitely happen.

6.    Go alone. No one should hold you back on your quest.

7.    Have a plan and work out your co-ordinates. Start with the most important purchase.

8.    Repeat over and over: the employees are not your enemies, the employees are not your enemies.

9.    Bring your earphones to listen to calm, relaxing music to block out the screams of joy and aggression coming from your fellow shoppers, but also to keep you relaxed and entertained while you queue for four hours.

10.  If you’re going for the big items, like TVs, make sure you have a) a car b) a strong arm. 

11.  Alternatively, you can avoid all of the above and shop from your bed like an absolute boss.

Will you be getting involved with Black Friday and Fuchsia Friday? 
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