• New
    S-PRO Protective Till Screen
    • Made Of Foamex and Clear PVC
    • Lightweight Material
    • Easy To Assemble
    • Flat Packed
    • L: 900mm x W: 650mm
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  • New
    Ceriotti New Germix 1 drawer
    • Removable drawer for tools
    • Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses
    • Easy to clean and operate
    • No liquids required
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  • New
    Sia Disposable Apron, Pack of 100
    • Proudly manufactured in the UK
    • CE Marked & Manufactured in an ISO Accredited Factory
    • Apron polythene white tint 686 x 1170mm 16 micron
    • Neck hole with ties
    ex VAT
  • New
    Filecide Antiseptic Disinfectant for Fabric Surfaces 250ml
    • Effective against coronavirus on 1 minute contact time.
    • For disinfection of salon chairs and couches.
    • For disinfection of make-up brushes
    • For disinfection of nail files
    • For disinfection of ceramics, PVC and polyethylene.
    ex VAT
  • New
    Mundo Professional Power Plus Ultra, 500ml
    • Highly concentrated solution
    • Makes up to 24.5 litres
    • Kills coronavirus
    • Fast acting
    • Made in UK
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  • New
    Morgan Taylor Go Ahead & Grow Base Coat 15ml
    • Active and effective basecoat
    • Protects nails before treatment
    • Gives easy application of polishes and varnish
    • With keratin and vitamins
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  • New
    China Glaze Nail Lacquer - Thistle Do Nicely 14ml
    • Hard-wearing oil based nail lacquer
    • Durable, fast drying and easy to apply
    • Professional 220-strand brush
    • Chip-resistant colour
    • Non-thickening formula
    ex VAT
    • Astonish Disinfectant Zesty Lemon 500ml
    • Eliminates germs and bugs on surfaces including E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria and MRSA
    • Kills 99.99% of bacteria
    • Eliminates Odours
    • Makes 20 Litres
    ex VAT
  • New
    OPI Drip Dry 9ml
    • The Drip Dry Drops produces a fine finish to your cuticles
    • Treats the cuticles with a dose of Jojoba and Vitamin E
    • It will soften the cuticles and make them feel new again
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