Transform your barbering skills with Salon Services' cutting-edge Barber Courses. Elevate your craft and redefine your career with our specialised courses, designed for both seasoned barbers and those embarking on a new journey. Dive into the world of precision cuts, timeless techniques, and contemporary styles that resonate with today's discerning clientele. Whether you're honing your skills or pursuing a fresh start, our courses offer a transformative experience.

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    Waxing, threading, tinting and shaping: master the latest trends in male grooming techniques on this practical course. Want to enhance the services you offer to male clients? Join our educational program to learn a selection of highly profitable, efficient treatments that will expand your customer base and increase revenue. Our experts will guide you through these simple yet effective techniques. <br> <br> <b>Top Features</b><br> <ul><li>Beard colouring/tinting.</li> <li>Facial hair waxing (brows, temples upper cheeks, nostrils and ears).</li> <li>Facial threading (upper cheek) </li> <li>Health &amp; Safety.</li> <li>Client consultation and managing expectations.</li> <li>Video content to refer to after the live course with additional information &amp; styles.</li> </ul> <br> <b>Key Learnings</b><br> <ul><li>The skills and knowledge to integrate facial hair waxing, shaping tinting and threading into your service offering.</li> <li>Skills and knowledge to develop and practice ongoing and to integrate these treatments in to your male styling services.</li> </ul> <br> <b>Additional Information</b><br> <ul> <li>Please bring along your working scissors you are comfortable using, combs, dryer, and a basic styling kit.</li> <li>Please ensure there are no contra-indications to this treatment as indicated in your online learning.</li> <li>You will continue to have access to the online learning portal for 1 year.</li> <li>Upon completion you will receive an accredited E-certificate.</li> <li>You must perform a tint patch test 24-48 hours prior to the course.</li> <li>A model (male aged 18+) will be required per learner at 14:00.</li> <li>Models should have facial hair, be skin tested for beard/ brow tinting and able to have hair removal performed on the Nostrils, Brows, Temples, Upper Cheeks and Ears using a combination of techniques.</li> <li>All learners will be required to work and initially develop skills on each other, hair should be grown on the arms legs nostrils and ears. </li> <li>Course duration: 1 day, 10am - 4pm</li> </ul>
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    <ul><li>By an experienced barber and assessor</li><li>Invaluable guide for barbering qualifications</li><li>Relevant and new up-to-date information</li><li>Expert tips and advice</li><li>Content matches criteria of awarding organisations</li></ul>