• Gel foil wraps from Magis
    • For soaking off gel polishes
    • Built-in hem
    • Tested by nail technicians
    • Pack of 500
    € 19,79
    ex VAT
    • HandsDown Lint Free Nail Wipes
    • Pack of 200
    • For gel nails and nail art
    • Absorbent and strong material
    € 3,79
    ex VAT
    • S Professional Gel Remover Foil Nail Wraps
    • Efficient and economical application
    • Speed up gel removal
    • Pre cut foil wraps
    • Quick and easy gel removal
    € 3,99
    ex VAT
    • Curved soak-off tray
    • Well for each fingertip
    • Targetted removal of tips
    • In pink
    • Acetone safe
    € 2,99
    ex VAT
    • Ready-made foil wraps
    • For gel polish removal
    • Fast and convenient to use
    • Square of foil with cotton pad attached
    • Disposable after use
    € 2,99
    ex VAT
  • Exclusive
    ASP Soak Off Gel Remover Tool
    • ASP Soak Off Gel Remover Tool
    • Ideal for under nails and during pedicures
    • Precision crafted stainless steel
    • Sanitisable
    € 7,49
    ex VAT
    • Gel Polish Remover Wraps
    • Quick and easy
    • Foils and pre-attached lint
    € 6,59
    ex VAT
    out of stock
  • Exclusive
    ASP Signature Soak Off Nail Foam Refills 50 Pack
    • Easy to use
    • Speeds up removal time
    • Requires less exposure to acetone
    • For use with ASP Signature Nail Caps
    • Contains 50 disposable foam refills
    € 5,99
    ex VAT
    • Salon Services Foil Nail Wraps
    • Pack of 400
    • Pre-cut foil for the removal of gel and acrylic nails
    • Pre-folded edge for comfort and protection
    • Simple and quick to apply
    € 10,39
    ex VAT
    out of stock
From gel nail remover wraps to soak off nail wraps, we offer all the essential nail accessories you need to create fantastic results for your clients. Find a selection of professional quality products, including gel polish remover wraps, gel foil wraps, soak off trays, and more in our expert range.