• Nail Art Lacquer Stripers
    • Precision-pointed brush
    • Use over polished or unpolished nails
    • Create gorgeous nail art
    • In a variety of different shades
    € 3,59
    ex VAT
    • Easy to apply!
    • Layer or mix shades for a variety of nail art effects
    • Small, light-weight packaging for portable for use on the go
    • No special tools needed - dip, sprinkle, or brush onto wet nail polish
    • You're in control. The fine glitter texture allows you to wear as sheer or opaque as desired.
    € 2,95
    ex VAT
    • Use to create stunning chrome mirror nails
    • Premium quality, ultra-fine
    • Apply over 'no wipe top coat' or gel polish for a dazzling finish
    • Stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling
    • Easy soak-off removal
    € 5,48 € 7,31
    ex VAT
    • High quality, EU compliant, cosmetic grade glitters
    • Solvent resistant
    • Available in a variety of colour shades and effects
    • Simply mix with acrylics or gels, or apply onto tacky gel/nail polish to create stunning nail art
    • Amazing value 12g tubs
    € 5,00
    ex VAT
    • Turn any nail polish iridescent with the Mermaid Magic kit!
    • Includes 2 iridescent pigments for multiple effects
    • Easy to apply
    • Includes everything you need for a dazzling finish
    • Made in the USA
    € 11,95
    ex VAT
    • Extra-narrow nail art brush
    • For creating free-hand nail arts
    • Perfect for stripes and wisps
    • Part of the Spangles nail art range
    € 3,99
    ex VAT
    • Mad Striperz White from Mad Beauty
    • Bold colour
    • Lasting effect
    • Pencil-thin brush
    • Huge range of colours
    € 3,59
    ex VAT
    • Spangles striping tape by Star Nails
    • Thin, self-adhesive tape
    • Create linear designs
    • Adheres to and remains on nail
    • In silver
    € 3,19
    ex VAT
    • Super Striper nail art brush
    • For creating free-hand nail art
    • Long-bristled brush
    • For lines, stripes and flicks
    • Part of the Spangles nail art range
    € 3,99
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Premium quality glitter nail powder
    • On-trend metallic shades
    • Apply over nail polish or gel polish
    • Suitable for nail artists
    • Easy removal
    € 4,80
    ex VAT
Stock up on everything you need to create dazzling nail designs, including nail glitter dust, nail striping tape and nail glitter powder. With an exceptional range of nail art products on offer, we're confident you'll find exactly what you need to carry out top quality treatments.