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14 December 2021
Posted by in Business

Pocket PA: How it helped a real business owner

Learn why Sylvia Smith, beauty therapist and owner of Shifting Stones, believes Pocket PA is the perfect tool to help you run your freelance business.

Pocket PA is the digital assistant that has everything a small business owner needs to run their day-to-day schedule. From booking appointments to tracking income, or managing expenses through to emailing receipts, it allows you to customise and review everything from the convenience of your own phone or tablet. Sylvia Smith is a beauty therapist who runs her own business called Shifting Stones, and she’s sharing her story and experiences about using Pocket PA so you can see why it’s the tool that will help your freelance business thrive.

How was Sylvia’s business before she had Pocket PA?

Like many other freelancers, Sylvia was concerned about the direction her business was taking because of the rise of customers making online bookings. “I was using another booking tool but it had stopped working, so I wasn’t able to do online bookings for some time before I got Pocket PA. My business was beginning to suffer as a result, and my takings were down.” With more customers calling her directly to book appointments, Sylvia knew she had to do something to get her online booking system up and running. As she says, “If you can’t get someone booked in with a click of a button then you’ve lost another customer.” This was when she decided to take the leap and get Pocket PA. Little did she know just how much it had to offer.

What is Sylvia’s favourite feature on Pocket PA?

There was one thing that really appealed to Sylvia above all else, and that was its simplicity. “I’m able to record all my finances and appointments in one place, and then download it when I need to. I feel more confident about my bookings being correct and also all of the admin side.”

With so much to explore and customise on Pocket PA, what really helped Sylvia get to grips with it was the customer support. “There’s lots of frequently asked questions, and you can also do online chat with them as well. They are really responsive so, if you are looking for something, you can log on and get the answer straight away.”

How has Sylvia’s business changed since using Pocket PA?

“Having this system makes my business look so more professional. Managing my diary is also a lot easier, because the bookings go straight in, and I can colour code them so I know at a glance if it’s a massage or a facial coming in next.”

As for how Pocket PA has impacted Sylvia’s customers? They feel the same. In fact, one of her regular customers uses it all the time to book her appointments. “One lady, who always books last minute for her hair and beauty appointments, said she went onto my website to get my phone number and saw the book now button. She said she clicked on that and, because it was so easy, she didn’t even think about phoning because she was able to do it there and then.”

What advice does Sylvia have for other business owners?

Sylvia definitely hopes her positive experiences with Pocket PA will encourage other hair and beauty freelancers to use it. She told us, “Definitely give it a try. You even get a 2-week free trial, so you really have nothing to lose! It’s saved me a lot of time and effort, especially the diary management.”

How can Pocket PA help me?

Pocket PA was created to be the intelligent assistant for freelancers that wanted to be free of the stresses that come with running the day-to-day side of their business. Whether it’s on your phone, tablet or laptop, here are just a few of the ways it can help. If you want to learn the full story about Pocket PA, the online tool for freelancers that behaves like an app, then you can read it all in our blog by clicking here .

Manage accounting

If you ever need to sort travel expenses or send a tax return, Pocket PA helps you track everything either daily, weekly or monthly. With features include excel exports, you no longer have to deal with masses of paperwork.

No missed bookings or payments

With popular features including automated SMS and invoice reminders, Pocket PA ensures you don’t have to make awkward phone calls about no-shows or overdue payments.

Run your business your way

If you’re ever feeling stressed about your schedule, seeing everything on Pocket PA’s dashboard reminds you that you’re your own boss. From looking at your diary to checking your income, you can make changes at the touch of a button and see your business thrive.

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