• £8.99
    ex VAT
    <ul><li>Helps prevent irritation during shaving</li><li>Softens the beard and prepares the skin</li><li>Moisturises the skin for a smooth finish</li><li>With antioxidants for anti-aging benefits</li><li>Antimicrobial and antiseptic</li></ul>
  • £7.19
    ex VAT
    <ul><li>Provides relief to irritated skin</li><li>For a smoother, softer skin surface</li><li>A cooling effect for a refreshed feel</li><li>Enzymatic exfoliant to prevent ingrown hairs</li><li>Moisturises irritated areas and closes pores</li></ul>
  • £6.49
    ex VAT
    <ul><li>Moisturising non-drying cream for a close shave</li><li>Helps prevent irritation</li><li>Conditions for soft and smooth skin</li><li>Creates a protective barrier for smooth glide</li><li>For normal to dry skin</li></ul>
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