• <ul><li>Comfort Cure technology to mitigate heat spikes for sensitive clients</li><li>Optimized For PolyGel: New 60 second button has optimized the new light for curing PolyGel white applications</li><li>The Gold Standard of LED; improved High Efficiency LED technology that saves power and increases longevity</li><li>Illuminated comfort pad and digital touch screen display</li><li>Meets standard safety compliances world-wide, with Patented eyeShield and Safelight Technology</li></ul>
    € 289,79
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  • <ul><li>Get ready to roam with the 18G Unplugged LED Light from Gelish!</li><li>Intelligent Power Assist™ for consistent, high-performance battery-powered curing</li><li>Exclusive Comfort Cure™ technology mitigates heat spikes</li><li>Displays real-time battery level, power level and LED countdown</li><li>36-watts of powder with diamond reflectors for high-performance, even curing</li></ul>
    € 413,99
    ex VAT
  • <ul><li>Gelish LED lamp</li><li>For beginners and experienced technicians</li><li>Cures all five nails in 45 seconds</li><li>Environmentally friendly</li><li>Never need to replace bulbs</li></ul>
    € 155,25
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