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    • S Professional Continuous Spray Waterbottle
    • In black
    • Holds 300ml
    • Dispenses a powerful mist in a 360 rotation
    • Single or continuous spray
    € 6,29
    ex VAT
  • SAVE
    S Professional Hard Rubber Tail Comb
    • Hard Rubber Tail Comb from S Professional
    • Flexible, strong construction
    • Stylist's must-have
    • Heat-resistant up to 230C
    • Made from 100 per cent natural hard rubber ebonite
    € 4,87 € 6,49
    ex VAT
  • SAVE
    S Professional Waved Blend Grips Brown Pack of 300
    • S Professional Waved Blend Grips
    • In brown
    • Pack of 300
    • Made from superior quality steel
    • Near-invisible non-slip hold
    € 7,64 € 10,19
    ex VAT
There are certain things without which no beauty salon is complete. From hair clips and rollers to sanitiser spray and Barbicide, we proudly stock a vast selection of hairdressing accessories and essentials. Don't forget to buy your mirrors and cutting capes from our fantastic selection of hairdressing essentials.