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    Barburys Code Cherry Hog Shaving Brush
    <ul><li>100% natural boar</li><li>Firm and sturdy bristles</li><li>Creates a rich lather while lightly exfoliating the skin </li><li>Easy to use</li><li>No irritation</li></ul>
    € 12,90
    ex VAT
  • <ul><li>Ideal for use after shaving</li><li>Apply to nicks, cuts or irritated areas</li><li>Provides instant soothing relief</li><li>Disposable for convenience</li></ul>
    € 0,95
    ex VAT
  • <ul><li>Prevents irritation post-shave</li><li>Soothes skin</li><li>Helps stop bleeding and disinfects minor cuts</li><li>Cools and refreshes skin</li></ul>
    € 4,05
    ex VAT
  • <ul><li>Stylish and durable chrome-plated shaving pot</li><li>Classic vintage look</li><li>Just add shaving cream and lather up</li></ul>
    € 12,65
    ex VAT
  • <ul><li>Apply to nicks, cuts or irritated areas after shaving</li><li>Provides instant soothing relief</li><li>Astringent and antiseptic properties</li><li>Comes in re-sealable case</li></ul>
    € 2,89
    ex VAT
    out of stock
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