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Promotions Explained


Some top tips


• Some of our promotions require you to spend over a certain amount for a promotion to be valid. On our trade websites this amount will always be the VAT free amount and your basket subtotal will list the amount before any VAT and delivery charges have been added.


• For a number of reasons some brands and products are excluded from these offers – please always check our Terms and Conditions* for details on these exclusions. If a brand / product is excluded, but it is in your basket – not only will the promotion discount not be applied to it – but it will also not count towards your qualifying spend.


• Some promotions can’t be used in conjunction with another offer - an example being if you have an offer giving you a % saving on your total order, you are not able to combine with another offer that gives a % off your total order. Unfortunately, this is the way our systems are built and isn’t something we are able to change. However, please understand that the system always calculates to provide you with the BEST saving for your basket.

Our standard exclusions


Please note that the following products are routinely excluded from our promotions. From time to time this list might vary so it is always worth checking this page, our terms & conditions or the specific offer’s T&Cs to check if a brand or product is part of the exclusions.



• Paul Mitchell

• Moroccanoil

• Maria Nila

• Redken

• Olaplex

• K18

• Color Wow

• Dyson

• Matrix

• Cloud Nine

• Celeb Luxury

• #Mydentity

• Kenra Professional

• SumUp

• BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl

• L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod and Instant Highlights

• All equipment and furniture

• Hair colour Mega Deal offers

• XP, Ion and Rusk Salon Packs

• Clearance products including Red dot

• Last chance to buy products

• Gift Vouchers

• Training Courses.

• Black Friday offers (when applicable)


*Other exclusions may apply.

Mega Deal colour promotions


As outlined above, Mega Deal colour promotions are a standard exclusion of all of our promotions.


Therefore, if you would like to redeem a voucher code, including the new customer code, while purchasing a Hair Colour Mega Deal, you will need to place two separate orders as the offers cannot be used in conjunction with each other.


Place your first order for all items apart from the Hair Colour Mega Deal to redeem your code, then place a second order to purchase the Hair Colour Mega Deal.


Please note, if you are in the process of applying for a Trade Card and wish to redeem the new customer code and order a Hair Colour Mega Deal, you will have to wait until your application has been approved to place your second order. The new customer code will only apply to your first ever order on the Salon Services website.


Voucher codes, including the new customer code, will not work if you have a Hair Colour Mega Deal in your basket. Please follow the above instructions to redeem.

Wella Rewards Promotion

The Wella rewards promotion, which requires customers to collect and redeem stamps, is an "in-store" only promotion and cannot be applied online. To find your nearest store to redeem this offer, click here.

Promotions where there is a % or £ off your total order

The saving will be shown in your basket as an ‘Order discount’- and will only come up against products that qualify for an offer. There are often brand and product exclusions for all offers so it is worth checking if an item is included if the offer is not showing up against it. If there is a qualifying spend, please check that you have spent over the amount for the promotion to trigger. Please note that the maximum discount amount is limited to £/€500 ex VAT.

Promotions where there is a % or £ saving on a product

This saving will be shown on the product page as well as in your basket as a promo offer next to the product itself. Sometimes you might have to buy a certain number of products to qualify for the saving so it’s best to double check and ensure you have purchased enough to trigger the offer if it is not applying.

Promotions where there is a free gift

This offer will be shown in your basket as a “Bonus product” and in most cases will be automatically added to your basket unless there is a choice of free gift in which case a pop up should appear to make your choice once the threshold has been reached (more information in the next section on scenarios with a choice of free gift).


This kind of offer will often involve needing to buy other products of a certain amount in order to be valid – so please check carefully that the products you are purchasing qualify you for the offer. Key things to check are:


• The basket total has reached the threshold with the excluding VAT prices listed on site

• Your basket doesn’t include any excluded brands or products. These are listed further up this page or in the offer’s T&Cs for reference.


Please note that as the product(s) are often automatically added to basket there is no way for you to opt out of having the free gift and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately our systems often work in such a way that it might limit you from getting a second promotion if we didn’t add these automatically to basket – so we would rather give you too much than too little!

Promotions where there is a choice of free gift / bonus product – eg a choice of developer / choice of colour

Some free gift promotions will ask you to choose from a product selection – for example there might be a choice of free gift, a choice of colour or a choice of developer strength. And rather than guessing what you might want we let you choose via a pop up – however sometimes this isn’t straight forward so please refer to the guidance below if you are experiencing issues:


A pop up window will appear as soon as you have reached the qualifying threshold within your basket – do not close it as the system will assume you don’t want any of the options and won’t offer it again. If you do exit the pop up you will have to empty your basket and start again to re-qualify for the offer.


When the pop up window appears:

• Choose your bonus product – and click “select as bonus”

• Scroll to the bottom of the pop up window and click “add selected to basket” – it is important you complete this step as this is what will add the bonus product to your basket. We don’t do this at the first stage to give you the opportunity to change your mind between options.


Please be aware that the free gifts on offer are only free if they are added from the promotional pop-up window. For example, if you trigger a free gift promotion, click the “No, Thanks” button on the pop-up window, then go to the product page for the free item and add it to your basket, you will be charged for this item, even if your basket otherwise qualifies for the promotion. Follow the above instructions to re-trigger the promotion and get your free item.


If you qualify for more than one gift – e.g. there is a free gift for buying 5 units of something, and you want 10 of them, which entitles you to 2 bonus gifts – go through the process one at a time – as the pop up window will only appear once per qualifying trigger. So if you want to qualify for 2 free gifts you will have to go through the process again.


So in this instance:


• Add 5 products to your basket, choose your gift (via the pop up), and then add another 5 units to your basket which will trigger another pop up to choose another gift. Please note that if your purchase entitles you to select multiple free gifts from the pop-up window, please be aware that you can only select single quantities of each.


Make sure you check your basket to ensure you have received the right number of gifts. We know it’s not quick or easy – but it is all designed to make sure you get the choice that is right for you.


Please note that sometimes a free gift promotion is not valid alongside another promotion. For example we might offer a free developer when you buy tubes of colour, however that colour tube might have another multi-buy offer on it. The system will always calculate and apply the best saving for you – and we understand this might not be the offer you want in some cases and are sorry if this happens. Unfortunately sometimes our system limits us and we do our best to give the customer the best offer in all cases.

Multi-buy promotions – e.g. 2+1, 5+1, 8+3

All of these promotions work on the same principle – that the cheapest item in the qualifying promotion basket will be the free / discounted one.


In addition please ensure you add all the products to the basket – the system will not add the extra /free item automatically. Think of it like a supermarket – where something is on offer – you have to put all the items on the conveyor belt.


On a 2+1/ 3 for 2 promotion – ensure that you have multiples of 3 in your basket for the promotion to activate. We will indicate if the offer is a mix and match offer (i.e. you can shop within a range of products and the cheapest will be discounted) or only on a single item (i.e. – buy two, and get one of the same item free).


On an 8+3 promotion – ensure you have put 11 items in your basket (or multiples of) - you can choose the 3 free items.

Clearance promotions

Our clearance offer is calculated to give the best value at all times. Because of this, clearance is not usually valid to be used with any other offers. Buy 1 item in our clearance range to get 25% off the product, buy 2 from clearance to get 35% off, and buy 3 or more to get 50% off. The more you buy, the more you save! Please note that as the products might vary in price depending on how many you purchase the saving will be shown in your basket only, and not on the product page itself.

Price Lock

Price Lock applies to Lômé Paris, Wunderbar and XP tube colour, Wunderbar, Lômé Paris, XP & SPRO bleaches & developers and Wunderbar & S-PRO Perms. It also applies to the full Wunderbar Care and Styling range, Damage Undo and Ivy Bears. Price Lock guarantees that on these products our regular price will remain as per 2022 until 31st December 2023.