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Advanced traditionalists since 1921, Takara Belmont has a long heritage of creation, design and high quality manufacturing. The company has long-invested its hearts and minds in improving the experiences of people in salons and spas. Their barber chairs are world renowned as the best for both stylist and client alike. Take a look at the Takara Belmont Catalogue and send us an enquiry for information on ordering your furniture.

Who are Takara Belmont?

Takara puts among its values that of complying and even exceeding with customers’ expectations. This is done by guaranteeing maximum precision in the construction of each single piece, as well as by ensuring continuous improvements, even with well-consolidated products. Thanks to its partnerships with numerous industry experts, the company is constantly welcoming new ideas, transforming them into innovative tools.

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While we’re on hand for a personalised equipment consultation, we know that sometimes browsing through a catalogue can give you a good starting point for your salon. Take a look at our Takara Belmont catalogue, then send us an enquiry when you’re ready.

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From salon design to modular furniture, high-tech chairs to fully motorised shampoo systems and technical equipment. From iconic barber chairs and service stations, styling chairs and accessories to the world’s most luxurious chairs and equipment, we promise to deliver everything you need to distinguish your brand, delight your team and customers, and realise your commercial potential.

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