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    • Stimulates the scalp
    • Maintains healthy or well-groomed hair
    • With curative properties of quinine
    • Contains a blend of essential oils
    € 5,99
    ex VAT
    • Classic hair tonic for normal or greasy hair
    • Mineral oils add shine and lustre to hair
    • Formulated with an original Portuguese recipe
    • Contains lemon oil and bitter orange oil
    • Clean and refreshing citrus aroma
    € 5,99
    ex VAT
    • Grooming and hair maintenance lotion
    • Mineral oils add shine to hair
    • Invigorates and cools the scalp
    • Refreshing and stimulating
    • With essential oils - lily, sandalwood and bergamot
    € 5,99
    ex VAT
    • Classic aromatic hair and scalp tonic
    • Stimulates and invigorates the scalp
    • Derived from an infusion of bay leaves and cloves
    • Mellowed with orange and basil oil
    € 5,99
    ex VAT
    • Original Pashana Hair Tonic used for over 100 years
    • Maintains and cares for healthy hair
    • Stimulates and invigorates the scalp
    • Classic musky aroma
    • With rosemary, lavender and sandalwood essential oils
    € 5,99
    ex VAT
    • Cologne and hair tonic in one
    • Use on hair and skin
    • Maintains healthy hair and invigorates scalp
    • Light floral and woody aroma
    • Blend of essential oils, including orange, lemon and rosemary
    € 5,99
    ex VAT
    • Long-lasting, distinctive, masculine aroma
    • Refreshing blend of classic oils
    • Excellent astringent
    • Refreshes skin and closes pores after shaving
    • With patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood and rosemary
    € 7,29
    ex VAT
    • Moisturising hair tonic for dry hair
    • Mineral oils add shine and lustre
    • Formulated to an original Portuguese recipe
    • With lemon and bitter orange oils
    • Clean and refreshing scent of citrus
    € 5,99
    ex VAT