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07 July 2017
Posted by in Nails

All you need to know about Gelish PolyGel

poly-gel blog

When we heard that Gelish were launching Polygel, we couldn't wait to find out all about it. So, we tracked down the lovely team at Nail Harmony, the UK distributor of Gelish and Polygel, made them a cup of tea and asked them lots of questions to get the lowdown on this revolutionary new nail system.

All you need to know about Gelish Polygel

As a nail technician, why would I choose to use Polygel over Acrylics?

Probably the most annoying thing for nail technicians when working with acrylics is that there’s a very strong odour and that can quite often give people headaches if they are not used to it.

Acrylics also creates airborne dust which lands on absolutely everything and makes a mess! Some hotels and spas tend not to use acrylics for those reasons. Polygelopens up the opportunity for these salons to start offering nail enhancement services to their clients because it has no odour due to it being monomer free and the filings are heavier so they just fall to the table and don’t hang in the air.

Polygel is also very light, much lighter than acrylics so you would hardly notice that you’re wearing it! This doesn’t mean that it’s not as strong, in fact it’s stronger than hard gels and much more flexible than acrylics and it’s not going to lift.

Polygel basically takes the best qualities of both liquid & powder acrylics and LED hard gels in a new patent-pending formula that’s so easy to use.

How easy is it to work with Polygel?

How easy is it to work with Polygel? Very easy! Polygel has the consistency of putty so it’s extremely mouldable and the products are pre-mixed so there’s no liquid to powder ratios to worry about. You can literally grab a tube and you’re ready to start work.

If you touch the surface of Polygel you’ll find that it’s sticky and it will string up so it needs to be used with the Slip Solution. This makes the surface slippery so when you press a brush on it, Polygel stays put but allows you to manipulate it easily into the desired shape. It will not move, it will not set, you can literally put your Polygel on the nail and it won’t change until you cure it. You can work in your own time. It’s a nail tech’s dream to work with!

Do I need to go on a training course and if so, why?

Polygel is a completely different nail system to acrylicsand gelsand there’s nothing else like it on the market. We recommend that the Polygel course is completed and an accredited training certificate received before offering Polygel as a service to your clients. This is important for your insurance as it may be invalid if the relevant training has not been carried out.

Also, you need to already be professionally trained in the application of tips and sculpting as there will be no time to learn this on the course.

How long is the training course and what does it cover?

It’s a 1-day course. You will see demonstrations and learn all about nail prep and Polygel application including one-colour application, French application, pink & white application and extended nail bed application over natural nails, tips and sculpts.

How much does a training course cost?

A 1-day course for experienced nail technicians is £90 ex VAT. You also need to purchase the kit required in order to attend the course.

How much are the Polygel Kits and what’s included?

The Trial kit is also available at £89.99 ex. VAT and includes a tube of Natural Clear Polygel 60g, Slip Solution, a Polygel tool and a tube key.

The tubes of Polygelare also now available to buy individually in all six shades along with the Slip Solution and Brush Restorer.

Is there anything extra that I would need to take on the course?

Yes, you’ll need all of the kit required, specified when booking the course. This should include the Gelish Harmony 18g Lamp or a generic 36w Lamp, Gelish 100/180 buffer, Gelish 150/150g File, Gelish Cleanse, Gelish Foundation, Gelish PH Bond, Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil, Gelish Top It Off Sealer, Salons One Cut Tip Clipper, Salons Cleansing Spray 240ml, Salons Cuticle Nipper, SS Ultraform Tips Assorted pack of 100, SS Brush on Nail glue (or similar), SS Tiflon Nail File Yellow 240g (or similar) and a Dappen Dish (or with a lid).

Do I have to use an LED Light with Polygel, or can I use a UV Light?

We recommend that you use a Gelish 18g / 36W LED lightas Polygel is manufactured to be cured all the way through at a wavelength of 395-405 nanometres. You can use another brand of LED light as long as it is 36W and has the correct wavelength of 395-405 nanometres. We don’t recommend the use of UV lights with Polygel.

How to apply polygel

As Gelish Polygel is different from gels and acrylics, we would recommend that you take our Gelish Polygel course to give your clients the best experience. This will teach you everything you need to know about Polygel including nail prep and one-colour application. Find everything you need for this course on our training page.

Ready to shop Polygel?

How long will it take to apply a set of Polygel nails?

With practice, a one-colour application can take between 45 mins – 1 hour 15 mins to complete. Typically a set of pink and whites can take 2 hours from start to finish. It’s a very quick service which means you can get through more clients in one day!

How many sets of nails can typically be done with one tube of Polygel?

The average is 30 sets – 40 with practice! It does depend on the application you are providing though and the colour that you are using. The Light Pinkis used with all services so you can get approximately 30 sets out of the tube.

With the Clear you can get 30-50 sets, Bright White is only used at the tips so between 60-70 sets are possible and with Cover Pink 80 sets can be achieved. These are only approximate numbers but the more practice you get the more sets you can achieve!

How much could I typically charge my client for a set of Polygel nails and what’s the return?

It does depend on the area that you’re working in but most nail techs are charging an extra £10 to the cost of an existing system. So if you charge £40 for a Polygel service, based on 30 sets you’re looking at a return of £1200 in service charges with just one tube!

How long do Polygel nails last?

If applied properly, Polygel will typically last for 21 days before needing maintenance.

How to remove Polygel

It’s a completely buff-off system. It should be filed down to 10% to leave a protective layer on the nail.

Can Polygel damage the natural nail in any way?

No. As long as it is applied and removed properly, Polygel will not damage the natural nail.

How can I convince my clients to try Polygel?

Nails look so much more natural with Polygel and they feel so much lighter to wear. It’s stronger, more flexible, won’t lift and it lasts longer plus there’s no odour or airborne dust so it’s a much more pleasant experience. A big bonus is that it takes less time to complete a set of Polygel nails so your client won’t have to take as much time out of their day.

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Ready to shop Polygel?
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