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Why we all want ‘gym-skin’

Posted on 8th April 2016 by PROinsider
Gym skin. It’s not something we ever thought we’d be championing. However, when we saw the trend emerge on the SS16 catwalks, we wanted to look just. Like. That. The flawless, dewy complexions were gorgeously sheeny (rather than just sweaty and ridiculously healthy looking). However, before you grab your highlighters and shimmer creams, it’s essential to ensure your skin is in tip-top nick first. According to skin guru, Debbie Thomas, get this right and your complexion will be ‘gym-skin’ ready, even without make-up. 

1. Firstly, look at why your skin is dull in the first place – dead skin build up, bad circulation (especially resulting from oxygen deprivation from smoking), dehydration and air pollution are all possible culprits.

2. Suggest your clients use a renewing product, containing either an acid, enzyme or vitamin A, on a regular basis to slough away dead skin cells. Trying a face wash containing glycolic or salicylic acid could be an easy way to test the skin’s tolerance to these active ingredients.

3. I ask my clients to use a night treatment, like a retinol or an acid based night cream, to increase the cellular turnover of the skin. 

4. Everyone should use an antioxidant on a daily basis to neutralise the free radical damage to the cells, and to keep the skin strong and healthy. The healthier the skin, the easier it is to regenerate.

5. Nourishing and hydrating is key. I love serums that are hydrating and strengthening, especially ones with moisturising master ingredient hyaluronic acid.

6. Don't forget that what we put in to our bodies will have an effect on our skin – so drink plenty of water, eat a healthy, well balanced diet and stop smoking, as it is literally sucking the life (and glow) out of your skin. 

7. Peels, enzyme masks and microdermabrasion will remove dead skin, which instantly brightens the skin and preps it for the product application.

8. Masks high in antioxidants and nutrients will plump and hydrate, whereas oxygenating treatments instantly boost skin. You can use multiple masks on different areas to ensure your client is given a variety of benefits.

9. Massage is a great way to boost circulation, and I always take a few minutes to really work products into the skin. I’m a huge fan of advanced techniques like lasers and machine-based treatments; however, even without these, a manual approach always increases the benefits of the product. 

10. The key to all my treatments is to really understand the skin issues first, then create the solution. In the past, therapists have been taught to follow a brand’s treatment protocols. This is a great starting point, but once you have the knowledge and experience, you need to make decisions that are going to work for each individual client.

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