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What does your favourite nail colour say about you?

Posted on 24th March 2016 by PROinsider
From pillar box, fire engine or ruby, to rose, candyfloss or fuchsia, whether it’s an array of reds or a variety of pinks, we all do it: we buy one nail polish colour and stick to it. But in a world where we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to nail polish, why are we drawn to just one or two shades? Apparently, our choice of colour goes beyond the surface and reveals a lot more than you think…why not surprise your clients next time they're in by spilling the beans on their favourite shades?

Red Nail Polish

At a glance: Strength, energy and excitement.
Nina Ultra Pro Gel Effect – All About Autumn Collection in Red Fox

The details: With red being the first shade of nail polish to catch the eye of Hollywood audiences back in the ’50s, it’s not hard to see why it’s still a top choice of clients today. But the likes of Marilyn Monroe can’t take all the credit for boosting the colour’s popularity – after all, in Russian, the word for red is related to the word for beautiful. Synonymous with passion and danger, red is so powerful it can even make your heart beat faster (we thought that was down to VAT-free days!).

Blue Nail Polish

At a glance: Serenity, logic and communication.
China Glaze – Desert Escape Collection in Rain Dance The Night Away
The details: Being the world’s most popular colour*, it’s no surprise if you find yourself constantly popping into Salon Services to top up on your true blue shades. If it ain’t broke, right? Regarded as a very ‘trustworthy’ and ‘dependable’ colour, its popularity surged on the SS16 catwalks too, so if your clients aren’t ready to brave the Chanel-inspired, all-over pastel-blue eyeshadow, a sapphire mani will do the trick. 
*YouGov survey

Yellow Nail Polish

At a glance: Confidence, creativity and friendliness.
Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer – Chrome Collection in Sunset Yellow
The details: Yellow is a #totesemosh shade, which means our spirits are lifted as soon as we lay eyes on the sunshine hue. Labelled as, psychologically, the happiest colour in the spectrum, it explains why so many of us opt for the bright bold hue on our fingertips! It even stimulates the brain to boost conversation, so no more awkward silences with clients. Phew.  

Green Nail Polish


At a glance:  Rest, harmony and peace.
Nails Inc Pro Gel Effect Polish in Westminster Palace
The details: Green instantly makes us think of calming Pinterest-style images of nature. As a ‘balancing colour’, meaning it sits between the top ‘cool’ colours and the lower ‘warm’ colours, green can be stress relieving (just think how de-stressed you feel after a stroll in the park) – so, perhaps this is the one calming shade that you do need to stock up on.

Pink Nail Polish

At a glance: Love, femininity and soothing.
Orly Epix Flexible Color in Headliner
The details: Pink is the soothing sister to stimulating red, but despite its pretty appearances, it can be a powerful colour. Chilled out and romantic ladies might opt for lighter hues, but if your kit is full of darker shades of pink, then we’re guessing you’re a passionate and energetic type of girl. Pink is also losing its girly image and taking on an edgier rep thanks to the rise of the pink-rinse hipster brigade, so you’ll start to notice new clients requesting the candy colour.

Black Nail Polish

At a glance: Sophistication, glamour and efficiency.
China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Liquid Leather
The details: The little black dress is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, so why should it be any different when it comes to nail colour? Just like the LBD, it goes with everything; it’s classic and extremely flattering. Black strikes the balance between fashion-forward glamour and establishing power and sophistication. Unlike the other colours, black has only one tone (grey doesn’t count!), so try and add a few other shades in the mix to lighten up.   

What colour should you be wearing?
  1. Your ideal holiday is…
  1. Partying in Ibiza
  2. Chilling out on a secluded island
  3. Dancing on the streets of Brazil at the Carnival
  4. Taking long walks through the Lake Distract
  5. Staying in a cute boutique hotel in LA
  6. Shopping in New York
  1. What’s your perfect Friday night?
  1. Out in the club with friends. All. Night. Long
  2. Bath, book and candles
  3. Spinning class to boost those endorphins
  4. A relaxing evening in a pub garden 
  5. Date night
  6. Checking out the latest Michelin-starred restaurant
  1. What’s your favourite cocktail?
  1. Moradita – a powerful kick of jalopeño-infused, blood-coloured tequila
  2. Aquatini – a blend of revitalising lemon vodka and cool Blue Curaçao
  3. Diamond Fizz – gin, lemons and champagne make up this bubbly beverage
  4. Celtic Sea Breeze – a refreshing blend of vodka, and aromatic basil
  5. Strawberry Daiquiri – sweet on the surface, but that kick of lime can take you by surprise
  6. Black Russian – simple yet sophisticated
  1. What’s your choice of nail design 
  1. Long and strong stiletto tips
  2. A hint of cool, ice-white glitter
  3. Graphic, neon nail art
  4. Floral feature nail 
  5. Bling, bling and more bling
  6. Nail art? Are you kidding?
  1. Who’s your celebrity style crush
  1. Paloma Faith
  2. Fearne Cotton
  3. Katy Perry
  4. Sienna Miller
  5. Taylor Swift
  6. Victoria Beckham
  1. What’s on your Spotify playlist?
  1. House to rev you up
  2. Ibiza chill out
  3. Justin, Taylor and Little Mix – pretty much anything pop-focused
  4. Acoustic vibes of James Bay and Ed Sheeran
  5. Anything with the word ‘love’ in the title
  6. I have no time for music
  1. What’s your ideal hair style?         
  1. A vintage do
  2. Sleek, straight and low maintenance
  3. Blondes have more fun
  4. Whimsical, wild locks
  5. Bubble-pink ombré
  6. I’ll go for balayage. At a stretch


Mostly A's: Red – You can be found sipping Moraditas (complete with red-coloured stiletto nails) in a club somewhere in Ibiza.

Mostly B's: Blue – After a relaxing bath, you like to paint your nails in the latest blue hue, and finish them off with a hint of ice-white glitter.

Mostly C's: Yellow – You have fun with your style and nail art (just like your style hero Katy Perry), and you have a sunny disposition (after listening to Justin Bieber on repeat, who wouldn’t?).

Mostly D's: Green  - Your long, whimsical hair is at its finest blowing in the wind while strolling through the park. A floral nail design is a little nod to your love of nature. 

Mostly E's: Pink – You’re an old romantic and when it comes to date night, you pull out all the stops – Taylor Swift-inspired top and shorts combo and sparkly nails.

Mostly F's: Black – You utilise every second of your day with no time to waste on music or intricate nail designs. You can be found stalking Victoria Beckham’s Instagram.

Still not convinced about which colour to wear next? Well until the end of March, when you buy 3 nail polishes, you get one free! There's no better time to top up your collection to suit all of your cllients' needs.
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