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Wedding season: Bridal beauty trends

Posted on 3rd June 2016 by PROinsider
Brides continue to break the beauty moulds on their big day – from messy, undone dos to sweeps of bright make-up that pop against white gowns, bespoke bridal looks are the next big thing. Need some wedding day #inspo to help you tailor your client’s look? The PROinsider team asked the top hair stylists, make-up artists and nail technicians to share their inside knowledge…

TEXTURE: Studio 54 Glam
Lee Stafford says:
“Curls are hugely on-trend right now; just look at the most recent Diane von
Furstenberg and Stella McCartney catwalks as well as the likes of Kylie and Beyoncé! Whether you have naturally curly hair, or you want to completely mix it up for your wedding day, this would be a fantastic style to go for.”
Kieron Fowles, Creative Director at Regis, demonstrates how to re-create this gorgeous braided chignon:

Step 1: Start by applying Wella Professionals Oil Reflections to wet hair to create a solid foundation and shine before blow-drying.
Step 2: Take a diagonal section from each side of the hair and then split the middle panel into two halves down the centre of the head, pinning one side of the hair away.
Step 3: Starting from the front of the hairline, do a reverse scalp braid by splitting the hair into three strands and braiding under rather than over, crossing each strand through the central braid until you reach the crown.

Step 4: Once you run out of hair from the central panel, continue to braid to the end of the length and secure with elastic. Repeat the braid on the other side of the head, working from front to back.
Step 5: Split the remaining hair into five panels – two front, two sides and one at the back of the head.
Step 6: Take the back panel of hair and split it into three sections. Braid the sections together, pulling the central section into the plait at each stage. Continue to braid until the end of the hair and secure with elastic.

Step 7: Take the front panel of hair on the left and repeat the same braid method down to the end of the hair. Repeat on the opposite side.
Step 8: Take the side panel on the left and create a fishtail plait, crossing each piece of hair from the outside into the centre and slowly bring more pieces from each side of the section to the tip of the hair, before securing with elastic. Repeat on the opposite side. Gently pull each braid to create a more relaxed, ‘undone’ finish.

Step 9: Take the two braids from the top of the head and cross over at the back, securing with pins. Then, take the braid from the front of the head and cross it underneath the top braid, securing with pins. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 10: Take the three braids and plait them together, securing with elastic at the tip. Repeat on the opposite side and then take the two braided sections and cross over each other, folding the hair underneath. Hold in place with pins.

Hair colour expert, Scott Cornwall:
“There’s a trend for more natural earthy colours, such as caramel blondes and multi- tonal brunettes. Nude tones differ from traditional shades of blonde through the use of neutral tones, or 'in-between' colours creating an element of warmth throughout the hair to give sun-kissed locks.”
“The ‘balayage’ colour technique is set to take hold this year as it’s seen as a quicker, more cost-effective colour application compared to foils. There is also a growing trend for consumers to see foils as ‘old fashioned’. The truth is that balayage can still be very restrictive on certain bases and it’s important that colourists continue to work with foil methods and see balayage as an addition, rather than a replacement.”

Danielle Bookatz, Brand Manager, Jane Iredale:
"This summer it’s out with the bold and in with the (more natural) you. Forget black liquid liners, heavy contours and full coverage. Summer brides are taking a pared-back, softer look, so trade in your black mascara for a more muted brown shade, swap matte lipsticks for high-shine glosses and sweep cheeks with iridescent highlighter rather than heavy bronzer.”
Natural health, beauty and wellness brand Arbonne spokesperson adds:
One of the prevalent trends for summer 2016 is the glossy eye – it’s a great way to add glamour to bridal make-up, without being too heavy. This modern look can easily be achieved by applying a shimmer eyeshadow all over the lid. Then, using a finger, lightly tap a non-sticky, clear lip-gloss over the top, taking care to avoid the eye crease itself.

Ruth Atkins, Salon System Educator and Lash & Brow expert:
“Brides in general still opt for a demure and subtle look and will always want to look effortless and natural, which is why the ‘Russian Lash Treatment’ is becoming increasingly popular amongst brides. Russian lashes can be up to four times as thin as a standard lash - allowing more to be applied without weighing the natural lash down. Brides love how comfortable they are (they forget they’re wearing them!). No mascara required, so crying is fully permitted. The treatment is slightly more expensive than the standard eyelash extensions as it requires advanced training, but you can reassure your client that her fluttery extensions will last throughout the honeymoon.”
If you’d like to top up your lash extension skills, check out Salon Services’ lash courses here.

Salon System nail expert, Julie-Anne Larivière:
“When it comes to wedding nails, a French manicure is always a winner - you can’t go wrong with it. I love to use GELLUX Pink Whispers and Purely White for this. If you want something extra special, I like to jazz it up by adding some subtle designs to each nail or a single nail. Lace is still extremely popular for weddings, so try a hand painted lace effect – glitter, swirls or henna style designs work really well.
Alternatively, nude tones like GELLUX Bare Necessities, Rosie Anna or Cherry Blossom are perfect for a subtle nail. Keep the length short to medium and opt for trending shapes such as soft oval or squoval.”

Step 1
Prepare nail and clean with Gellux Prep+Wipe 250ml and apply Gellux Fast Bond. Allow to dry for 60 seconds.
Step 2
Apply Gellux Easy Off Base Coat, and then cure for 30 seconds with the LED and two minutes with UV.
Step 3
Apply one layer of Gellux Gel Polish in Pink Whispers and then cure.

Step 4
Apply Gellux Gel Polish – Sweet Treats Collection 15ml in Marshmallow to the tip of the nail in a sweetheart shape and cure. Put under the lamp for 30 seconds for LED, two minutes for UV.
Step 5
Using a striper brush dipped in Gellux Gel Polish, Purely White, paint two fine lines – one to outline the pink tip and one a few millimetres below, and cure.
Step 6
With a very fine detail brush, and using the purely white shade, create crisscrosses in-between the two lines, then cure for 30 seconds with LED and two minutes with UV.
Step 7
Using a very small dotter, add the dots and cure. Put under the lamp for 30 seconds for LED, two minutes for UV.
Step 8
Wipe off the sticky layer with the Prep+Wipe and apply Nail Lux Condition Cuticle Cream to moisturise the skin around the nails.

Nicky Matthews, founder and CEO of Sienna X
“The trend for this year continues to be a subtle, natural-looking tan. On their wedding day, brides simply want to be the best version of themselves which means therapists are looking to even skin tone, add a slight contour and leave a subtle tan as opposed to giving a really dark, all over colour. Our Touche de Soleil 6% solution is perfect for leaving a subtle glow and a hint of colour and to add definition – therapists can mist areas like the abs, décolletage and cheekbones with a slightly higher percentage solution.”
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