New Year's Eve Hairstyles

Give your clients the party hair they're hoping for by checking out some of the hottest New Year's eve hairstyles of 2014. Take a dash of inspiration from the 2015 spring fashion shows, throw in a few old favourites and keep an eye on the celebs for the perfect palette of party hairstyles.

Top party hairstyles for long hair

  • Boho waves are huge again this year. Your clients will love offsetting their fussy party frocks with some wild and free waves.

  • Sleek ponytails are also making a come back, a la Katy Perry. Get out those straighteners and help your customers rock a sophisticated look.

  • Braids of all shapes and sizes are also topping the trend charts at the moment. From classic French braids with a bouffant twist to a cute headband braid, there's something for all face shapes.
  • Ladies will love dancing the night away if they follow the fashion for big ballerina buns. It doesn't matter whether they're high and tight or low and loose, buns are big business right now.
Great party hairstyles for short hair

  • Lots of short haired ladies are making a splash this year with bold colour choices – just look at Nicole Richie and Chloe Norgaard. Offer the option for unusual shades for bringing in the New Year.
  • The cute pixie cut has been enjoying a revival this year but it also has some competition from the sharp razor edges of the Miley Cyrus style, both are great party looks.

  • Another major trend that's been hitting the catwalk is the one for mixed materials hair accessories. From jewels to leather ties or flowers, accessories are in.
Keep your phone handy to Google image search the hairstyles your clients have spotted on their favourite celebrities and have a great New Year's eve!