Male Grooming & Skincare

Updated: 10/06/2014

In 2014, more than ever before, men in the UK are paying attention to their appearance. Male grooming has developed from a simple application of aftershave to a full facial and skincare routine not unlike its female counterpart. That's why at Sally we've decided to celebrate National Men's Grooming Day – to mark the rise of the freshly groomed and fashionable man who's unafraid to look good! Check out our Barbershop page for a look at the male grooming products we have on offer and make the most of this event.

Top Beauty Treatments for Men

Gone are the days when the salon was a women-only luxury: in the last few years male beauty treatments have been increasing in popularity while decreasing in price, meaning male grooming is more affordable and more common than ever.

Interested in finding what men are indulging in at the salon? According to the Salon Services Beautiful Britain Report 2014, the three most popular treatments are:
• Haircuts – Still the most popular male beauty treatment, the haircut has become much more than just a five minute trip to the barbers at lunch. Now, most barbers offer hair styling, facial hair care and even exotic treatments such as Turkish or hot towel shaves. Men are going to the barber more often too, sometimes leaving only 2 weeks before going back for a touch-up.
• Hair Colour – As above, getting their hair coloured remains on trend for many male salon-goers. Whether covering greys or changing style, men are more conscious than ever to have good-looking hair. That's why we're offering a buy one get one ½ price offer across our Lock Stock and Barrel Grooming London range, giving men the opportunity to style their hair for less with these professional quality products.
• Facials – With an amazing surge in popularity in 2014, the male facial is the on-trend male grooming treatment, with a rise from 16% to 55% popularity in the results. This may seem surprising, but with the increasing popularity of facial hair in the last few years, men are taking more care of their skin than previous generations and are embracing frequent skincare treatments.

Fashionable Beards

Do beards still reign supreme or is it all over for facial hair? According to a recent Australian study, we have reached “peak beard” time, the climax of a 30-year cycle in which beards become more and then less common on the average man. With everyone from Hollywood superstars to regular blokes on the street sporting beards, the study suggests that clean-shaven men become more attractive simply because there are a lot less of them. But whether or not you agree, beards are here to stay for the foreseeable future: another reason why we're celebrating National Men's Grooming Day. After all, who doesn't like a well-groomed man, facial hair or not?

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