Get The Look: Beach Babe Hair

Get the "beach babe" look using salon-quality products the professionals love! Scroll down for all the products you need to create the look, plus a full step-by-step guide.
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      • Showing 8 out of 8 items
    Step 1. Prep: If you're sunning yourself this summer and the fear of dry, brittle, discoloured locks is real, prep the hair with the TIGI Totally Beachin' range to wash away sweat, sea and pool water, moisturise parched hair and protect against sun damage!

    Step 2. Texturise: Spray Maria Nila Salty Mist through clean, towel-dried hair to create a salty texture

    Step 3. Dry: Ditch the brush and rough-dry the hair on a medium heat using the Diva Mini Rubberised Hairdryer (the perfect size to take on holiday!)

    Step 4. Style: Divide the hair in to 3 sections width-ways and curl small sections away from the face using the Diva Argan Beach Curls Wand. The bobbles and dips give hair a loose, uneven wave; perfect for this look!

    Step 5. Finish: Flip that hair forward and spray Maria Nila Finishing Spray to hold those waves in place and create the illusion of natural beach hair!