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Tanned and Toned

Posted on 5th May 2015 by PROinsider
Tanned and Toned
Give your clients a confidence boost this summer with a tan that tones as well as glows…
Lighter evenings, holidays and festivals – summer is arguably the best time of year.  However, according to a survey*, there’s one small issue that the majority of British women fear… getting into a swimsuit. The survey found that 53 per cent of women were so anxious about their bikini body, they would rather miss out on the sunshine and stay wrapped up at home. This is where you guys come in; creating the illusion of toned bodies will allow clients to ditch the cover-ups and hit the beach with confidence.

Summer is the time to parade those pins, and fake tan instantly makes legs appear slimmer and shinier – and that’s before any contouring takes place. If the client is uncomfortable showing off her thighs, then apply the tanner to the outer thigh along the natural indentation, between the hamstring and quad muscles. Midi skirts are on trend, and although they’re a cute way to dress for work in the summer, the awkward length can be unflattering to big calves. Gemma Jones, brand manager at whitetobrown, suggests: “Once the leg has been lightly covered, apply a very small second application of whitetobrown Self Tan down the centre of the legs, blending as you go. This adds a subtle contouring effect that helps the legs to look slimmer while also lengthening.”

More than a quarter of women hate their tummies, and 93 per cent confess to holding stomachs in around the pool (standard pool behaviour, we say!). Let your client relax on holiday with a toned tum no matter what she’s doing. Lightly trace the natural line down the centre of your client’s stomach, stopping slightly below the belly button. Trace the lines on either side of the belly button, technically called the oblique muscles, but the rest of us call them the ‘How-does-Cheryl-get-those-lines?’ lines.

If your client is jetting off to a hot country for their jollies, there really is no hiding those arms. If they’re worried about wearing anything sleeveless in the sun, gift them with biceps and triceps in a few sprays of tan. Ask your client to flex their biceps, and trace the natural line where the skin looks slightly darker. Then ask the client to extend the arm and trace the indentation on the back of the arm to create the illusion of triceps. 

The chest is a beautiful part of the body to show in summer, and it’s a great way to create an illusion of tone. Ask your client to lean their shoulders forward; this will create a template so you know where to highlight. Lightly trace the natural lines above and below the collarbone for a sophisticated and sexy décolletage. For clients who want a boost in the bikini top area, very lightly follow the natural cleavage lines, fading out half way.

Recommend whitetobrown Wash Off Instant Tan, which has a fast-drying gel formula that can work to enhance and highlight facial features. The client can pop this in their suitcase to ensure the tan stays from head to toe throughout the holiday. Suggest combining this with a daily moisturiser for a BB cream-like application.


If you think your clients will love a tan that tones, then check out bronzing experts Tantruth’s Body Contouring Course.  Open to qualified tan therapists or anyone who has attended a Tantruth tanning course, you’ll learn how to sculpt and contour the body to offer your clients something extra with their tan in just half a day. The course covers celebrity tanning and tanning party packages to maximise your earning power. Click here for more information and to book to give your summer profits a boost.

*Survey commissioned by Harley Street clinic LoveLite

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