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PRO Hair & Beauty Rising Star Awards 2015 – the lowdown

Posted on 4th June 2015 by PROinsider

Are you a hair stylist who transforms everyday tresses into catwalk-ready looks? Can you create mini works of art using a nailbrush? Or maybe you’d like to nominate someone who’s boosted your career for our Mentor/Influencer of the Year award?

Wherever your talents lie, we’re looking for professionals with the hottest salon skills to enter our PRO Hair & Beauty Awards – so, if you know you’re on top of your game then it’s time for you to be recognised and enter. 

This year, the PRO Hair & Beauty Awards will focus on finding the rising stars of each category. We want to discover the freshest professionals, who are already showing remarkable skills early on in their career. Or, perhaps you have an amazing apprentice who deserves early recognition in their field?

How to enter
Entering couldn’t be easier! Just follow these five simple steps:

1. Picture perfect
Ensure you catch the judge’s eye with amazing images of your fabulous work.  Choose carefully – it’s tempting to ping a few pics from your phone but these lack in quality, so dust off your digital camera and use that to take your photos.

2. Stick to the originals
There are still a few more requirements to remember when choosing your images. The first is: no filters – we want to see your work in its truest form. The second is: make sure you double check that your pictures are in focus, as the slightest blur could affect your entry. And finally: take your photos in good light – you know how amazing that intricate nail design is, but the judges may miss this if it’s not well lit. 

3. Check your category
Each category requires different angles and compositions, depending on where the judges need the focus to be. Ensure you have checked what kind of image your category requires before entering. 

4. Be passionate!
Now you’ve completely nailed the photo requirements, it’s time to log onto the entry site and tell us why the judges should pick you. Think about what makes you passionate about your field, what you’ve achieved so far, and how you’ve pushed yourself to get to where you are today. The judges want to pick someone who not only has the skills and talent, but they want to see someone who is passionate about what they do and someone who shows excitement about developing and nurturing their skills for the future. Remember, if you are entering one of the nail categories, you may be required to attend a judging day. 

5. A nod to your mentor
Anyone who has been in the industry for three years or less is eligible to enter the awards. We know that education is the key to being successful in the industry, so you will also be asked to nominate a mentor. This could be a boss at work, a teacher at college, or anyone who has been your Mr Miyagi in the hair and beauty world. 

Eye on the prize!
Not only will the winners gain the respect of their peers and industry gurus, they’ll also scoop some jaw-dropping prizes! Each winner will have a session with the head judge of their category, receiving priceless tips and advice from the very best. The winners will also feature in an editorial placement in PRO Hair & Beauty magazine and the blog. We’ll even throw in a winner sticker/certificate to proudly display in your salon. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our step-by-step video for more details on how to enter.

Good luck!

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