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Paul Falltrick's hairdressing hacks

Posted on 24th August 2015 by PROinsider

We were on the frow at artistic director of Matrix and BaByliss PRO Paul Falltrick’s  Red Carpet Masterclass. Check out these essential lifehacks for all pro hairstylists…

Think a-head
It’s a fact that hairstylists are never less than two feet away from hairspray*. As an essential product for most styles, it’s important to know how to position it in relation to your client’s head in order to create a variety of finishes. “Think about how your hairspray falls,” says Paul. “For example, spray closely for a wet, editorial look, or, using a hairdryer on hairspray, create a fine mist that takes the edges away for an avant-garde finish.” Try Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Colour Brilliant Shine Hairspray for some extra shine to your styles.

Perfect pony
Ponytails are sticking around this season, especially sleek, polka-straight ones. Paul blew our minds with this trick for creating the perfect pony: “Pushing the head forward will make the hair ‘gape’ at the back of the head. Instead, position the head slightly backwards, as the ‘gape’ will tighten when you straighten the head back up.” Finish with Ion Finishing Cream to add some gorgeous gloss to the ponytail. 

Tangle tamer
Hair comes in an array of textures and lengths, but there’s always that one client with particularly tangle-prone tresses. “Bounce the brush slightly off the hair rather than dragging it through,” advises Paul. Using a Tangle Teezer will give you extra support on super-tangled hair. 

Avoid over-styling
Paul’s essential piece of styling equipment is a basket weave tool to slightly loosen the hair for a more undone look. Using a tool rather than your hands will avoid over-styling and give you more control on intricate details. If you’ve not got a basket weave tool, use the pintail handle on a comb like the Salon Services Black Carbon Pintail Comb C80

Get a grip
There are lots of myths that surround the hairgrip, but Paul helped clear them up. “Don’t open grips to put them in; the gap there already is enough,” he told us. Salon Services Heavy Plain Pins are perfect for styles that need ultra-holding power. 

Sleek and chic
The sleek, wet-look finish has been dominating the catwalks and there’s lots of advice about how to create this look using gel. However, some gels can be heavy and leave a sticky residue; instead Paul recommends using oil on the roots. Matrix Total Results Sleek Wonder Smoothing Oil creates a silky finish that lasts all day.

What’s trending?
It’s easy to get stuck in a style rut, so take Paul’s advice and “keep an eye on trends”. Make sure to take time out of your day to check what styles celebs are rocking and which looks are storming the catwalks (PROinsider blog is a great place to start!). This way you can keep yourself and your client’s style up to date.  

Have you got any brilliant hair or beauty hacks? Share below!

*This may not be an official fact

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