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7 deadly summer sins

Posted on 7th August 2015 by PROinsider

It’s that time of year when your client has jetted off on their summer jollies – and you’re back home knowing you’re going to have to work your magic on their post-holiday beauty blues…

Green is not serene

Possibly a blonde’s biggest holiday fear – green hair. Most people think the chlorine causes the ‘Incredible Hulk’ transformation, but, well, they’re wrong. It’s actually caused by the presence of hard metals – such as copper, which goes green when it oxidizes – in pool water. The chlorine damages the hair cuticle, allowing the metals to penetrate the hair shaft. This is why clarifying shampoo will be your client’s post-summer BFF. TIGI Pro Clarifying Shampoo

Lobster lovin’

Allowing your skin to cook on holiday is beyond bad for numerous health reasons, but also… it’s not the most flattering look. If your client walks in with a siren-red glow, offer them a calming massage (ensuring they’ve gone past the ‘I-can’t-even-wear-clothes-it-hurts-so-much stage). This will soothe skin and, using a product containing magical ingredient aloe vera, will speed up the healing process. SBC Aloe Vera Gel

Skin SOS

Sunlight can do wonders for you (it’s a source of vitamin D and can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, etc), but on the flip side it can do a vast amount of damage. A type of skin damage that is increasingly being recognised is hyper-pigmentation (where dark patches appear on the face, mainly conveniently above the lip for a summer 'tache. Pfft!). Treat clients to an indulgent facial, using creams that even skintone, and recommend they use a very high SPF on their face on their next holiday. Beauty PRO Collagen Infused Facial Masks

Hair ’mare

Clients want to look their best on holiday; hair is styled into every variation of wave and curl. The marriage of sun exposure and styling tools is no honeymoon for hair, so an SOS treatment is needed – and quickly. Recover dry, damaged and dull hair with an intense mask, and recommend clients work in a hair oil to the tips on a daily basis. ion argan elixir and L'Oréal Professionnel Pro Keratin Refill

Messed-up mani

A manicure is pretty much part of the holiday-prep routine and many clients see it as important as having passport. Most clients go for a gel manicure to ensure their pretty talons last the whole holibob. If you’re a professional nail technician, advise clients to come in to remove the gel nails to avoid as much damage as possible. This is ignored 98%* of the time. Instead, clients come in sheepishly with half-picked gels, but being the professional you are, you ensure they leave the salon with healthy nails they can be proud of. Salon Service’s S Professional Nail Beauty Oil strengthens, repairs and conditions in a couple of strokes, doing the job and saving you time. S Professional Nail Beauty Oi

Close shave

Clients may not have time to go for a pre-holiday wax, so out comes the razor. However, being in your cossie every day means hair needs to be tamed for the whole duration and an intense course of shaving can cause some damage, especially with ingrown hairs and shaving rashes. Recommend GiGi No Bump Skin Treatment and a wax for their next holiday.

Holibob breakout

Five gold stars for any client who stocks up on SPF for their summer holiday! However, jetting off to a hot country can cause havoc for sensitive skin sufferers. Not only is skin fighting with heat and sweat, but SPF cream can be an irritant to holiday breakouts, so a facial scrub like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Exfoliating Facial Scrub is essential to ensure skin is thoroughly clean to avoid product build-up.

*prediction. Images: shutterstock

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