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27 things that will inevitably happen in the hair salon…

Posted on 3rd July 2015 by PROinsider

1. You arrive at the salon early, just to be told your client is running five minutes late.

2. Consultation time and you and your client have been staring at ‘Hot Chilli’ Red and ‘Cherry’ Red for an hour.

3. The mammoth task of breaking the news that your client will not suit a bob. Or a fringe.

4. Cherry Red it is.

5. Trying your best to listen to an inaudible client and wondering if she said her name was Lucy or Lizzie. Let’s go with Lucy.

6. “Make me look like Cheryl.” This will need scissors, a barrel brush and actual magical powers.

7. A client asks for a complete restyle BUT you can’t touch the length or add layers. And don’t even think about a fringe.

8. The re-‘do’ – requiring world-class skills to rescue your client’s hair from someone else’s work. (Usually the client’s own DIY hairdressing).

9. Hearing the magic words, “What do you think will suit me?” and jumping into a victory dance (in your head of course).

10. The inevitable awkward putting-on-the-gown dance leading to accidental, inappropriate touching.

11. Clients who love a head massage a little too much and their noises need a 12A rating.

12. Hearing Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off for the fourth time that day.

13. Breaking into a sweat when trying to brush particularly knotted hair.

14. Asking THE holiday question for the fifth time that day.

15. The mute client.

16. The client that doesn’t come up for air.

17. Finding out her name was Lizzie not Lucy.

18. The pang of guilt when cutting a kid’s long locks, while they have tears in their eyes. I’M SORRY OK!

19. When you finish transforming a client’s hair from green back to healthy brown and you feel you’ve both been on an emotional journey together.

20. Oh good, Shake it Off is playing again, haven’t heard that in an hour.

21. A client with poker straight hair requesting a curly blow dry – 45 minutes of pure elbow grease needed. Here goes...

22. Those anxious seconds holding the mirror up to your client and holding your breath for a good reaction.

23. Thank god she likes it! BREATHE.

24. After a long day, it’s finally time to go home at 6pm.

25. Cue a client coming in for a last minute appointment.

26. One more for the road - Shake it Off, Shake it Off!

27. 8pm and NOW it’s time to go home.

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