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Beautiful Britain 2014 Survey Results Released

We see the release of Salon Services’ third annual Beautiful Britain Survey, offering a revealing glimpse into the beauty industry. Covering everything from careers and business to celebrity inspirations, we surveyed more than 2,200 UK hair and beauty professionals about the issues that affect their industries.

The survey demonstrates just how dynamic and resilient the hair and beauty industry really is, in addition to providing valuable intelligence to help professionals achieve success and grow their businesses this year.
The results of the poll are overwhelmingly positive; confidence appears to be returning to the UK’s hair and beauty industry after a few challenging years.
What’s more, salons have shown true entrepreneurial spirit, branching out into new markets and adapting their business models to shifting industry standards, which is clearly starting to pay off.
Other key findings from the survey 2014 include:
  • More than one third of UK salons (37%) are planning to hire more staff in 2014. Showing a positive amount of growth over the last two years, the average salon currently employs 2.5 full-time and 2.3 part-time staff. Furthermore, two thirds of hair and beauty professionals (64%) feel more optimistic now than they did at the start of 2013.

  • Clients are still shopping around for the best value, although consumer confidence is returning to the high street. This might well be the main reason why treatment prices have fallen in the last year – a strategy which has resulted in an increase in client frequency.

    Cost of female treatments:

  • Wavy hair is currently the most popular hairstyle, with nearly half (49%) of the professionals we surveyed claiming that it’s the style most clients want. Followers-up include the ‘undone updo’ (46%) and pastel hair colour (26%).

  • In spite of the above stats, waves and pastels might not be for everyone, with Kate Middleton proving to have the most in-demand celebrity look. For the third year running, David Beckham is the UK’s leading male style icon, with Gary Barlow and Mark Wright closely behind in second and third place.

  • When it comes to recruitment, high standards remain a must, with nearly half (49%) of salon managers stating that a qualification was essential for getting a foot in the door of the industry, and 38% considering qualifications and experience to be equally important. Furthermore, almost three-quarters (72%) of salon workers confirm that they plan to stay in the industry for life.
While there are clear opportunities for the industry, such as the growth of the male market, none of us can afford to be complacent. Hair and beauty professionals must adapt to changes in demand while also taking into account current economic pressures faced by everyone around the country.

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