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11 Things clients say – and what they actually mean

Posted on 6th May 2016 by PROinsider
If you’re not a people person, hairdressing isn’t the career for you: 50 per cent of the job is about gossiping with lovely new clients, catching up with regular appointments and discussing the hottest celebrity hair. It certainly adds fun to your working day, but sometimes clients will utter certain phrases that, on the surface, sound innocent enough, but actually mean something completely different. Who doesn’t dread the line “Just do what you like”? Time to read the PROinsider guide to client jargon...

1. Client says: “Hi, I’m just calling because I’m running 10 minutes late.”
    Client means: “I’m running 20 minutes late.”

2. Client says: “Could you possibly recreate Karlie Kloss’s haircut, please? I’ve brought in a picture to  help."

 Client means: “If I don’t leave here looking exactly like this picture, I’m not paying.”


 3. Client says: “Just do what you like.”
     Client means: “Please read my mind to know exactly how I’d like you to do my hair.”


4. Client says: “I want a whole new look, but I’d like to keep the length.”
    Client means: “I want to look completely different, but do not touch my hair.”


5. Client says: “The last time I had a haircut was three months ago.”
    Client means: “The last time I had a haircut was three years ago.”

6. Client says: “Oh, yes, the water is fine, thank you.”
    Client means: “The water is slightly burning my ear, but I’m too polite to tell you.”

7. Client says: “Could you add some highlights too?”
    Client means: “I know I didn’t mention this in my booking, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much hassle.”


8. Client says: “Oh, you use the tongs like that? Interesting.”
    Client means: “You’re using the tongs incorrectly.”

9. Client says: “Ooh, can you talk me through all the products you used on me today?”
    Client means: “I just want to know how to use them – I have no intention of buying any.”


10. Client says: “Oh, no, I’m fine for a drink thank you."
      Client means: “I’m extremely thirsty but I’m too polite to ask for anything.”


11. Client says: “My hair can get slightly knotty at times.”
      Client means: “There are five knots hiding underneath my hair that you’re going to have to contend with.”

12. Client says: “I’ll see you in six weeks.”
       Client means: “I’ll see you in six months.” 


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