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11 new ways to wear your lashes

Posted on 18th March 2016 by PROinsider
“No-make-up” make-up dominated the summer beauty trends last year and, although we’re big fans of the fresh and flawless look (especially as it gives us an extra 15 minutes in bed!), we’re beyond excited to try out super-sized lashes – from Twiggy #throwbacks to comic book-inspired strips, lashes won’t just flutter this season – they’ll soar.

1. Ashley Williams’ true blue eyes
With “Bad Mood” emblazoned on the clothes, it’s no surprise that make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench enhanced the models’ blue mood with sapphire lashes. Blue eye make-up ruled the catwalks, and this toned-down take on the cobalt look makes the trend wearable for your clients.

2. Daks’ twist on Twiggy lashes
Make-up artist Maria Comparetto opted for an edgier twist on the classic dolly-eyes made famous by 60s icon Twiggy. After applying false lashes and a coating of mascara, Maria mashed the falsies and mascara together to make the lashes stick and form clumps. She then drew bottom lashes under the lash line by hand with a felt-tip.

3. Fluttery and pretty at Alberta Ferretti
Charlotte Tilbury worked her magic to create twinkling, dreamy eyes to complement the Desert Goddess inspiration behind the make-up. Charlotte opted for straight brown lashes, “as they give a softer effect to the eye”, resulting in a romantic, pretty look perfect for any clients getting hitched this summer.

4. Marc Jacobs’ messed-up mascara
“We don’t like pretty,” said MUA François Nars about the grungy, morning-after-the-night-before make-up at Marc Jacobs. François even went so far as to embrace mascara clumps, as if the models hadn’t so much as looked at a face wipe, let alone cleanser. Mascara gloop may not cut it with your clients, but applying double or even triple coats of mascara on the top and bottom lashes makes a statement.

5. Super-sized at Marni
"A girl who went too far with eyelash extensions,” explains make-up artist Tom Pecheux of these super-sized, spidery lashes. It’s a look that can hold its own on a catwalk, but in real life it could look too Clockwork Orange. Help your client to avoid an eyelash extension #fail by trying one of our eyelash extension courses.

6. Mary Katranzou’s painting by lashes
This was another nod (or wink, for a better word) to the blue-eyed trend but, instead of relying on blue mascara, lashes were intricately hand-painted in pastel blue. Make-up colour guru Lucia Pieroni said her inspiration was “odd dolls – pretty, but in a weird way”. Use a thin brush, an (eye- and skin-friendly) acrylic paint and a “ruddy good steady hand” to recreate the look.

7. Michael Costello’s suits-all lash game
“A polished, young social type with a modern vibe and a nod to the 70’s” was the brief from hair stylist Sarah Adams. Charlie Price, lead MUA at the Beauty Underground Artistic team, translated this into make-up. We’re championing this look as the most wearable and appealing style to tempt your clients to up their lash game. Applying mascara over some sky-high falsies will add extra volume. For bolder clients, pinch the lashes together in small sections for a more stand-out style.

8. Jeremy Scott’s comic strips
This comic-book make-up packs an intense ‘Pow!’ yet, ironically, it’s one of the easiest styles from the list. “It’s quite simple makeup, but it hits those notes within the context of the show,” explains MUA Kabuki. So was it strip lashes, individual clusters or mascara that achieved the cartoon lashes? Nope. The look was created using eyeliner, and if you look closely you’ll see that the graphic lashes remain on the skin. Mind blown.


9. Straight-faced at Sibling
Length was the focus for lashes at Sibling, so MUA Miranda Joyce went the extra mile by doubling up false lashes using straighteners. “The flatness of them is anti-pretty but they are still cool and gorgeous.” Über-lengthy lashes aren’t practical for your client’s daily routine, but straightening out the curls of falsies will create an edgier finish – just watch your fingers!

10. Thomas Tait’s telescopic gaze
Thomas Tait’s collection was all about “paying attention to the world around you”, so MUA Thomas De Kluyver, framed the eyes with heavy, spidery lashes and wire running through the bottom and top lashes, to create a telescope shape for a penetrating gaze. It might be a tad too much for your average client, so lose the wire, shrink the falsies and try applying a strip lash to the bottom lashes.

11. Deconstructed Louis Vuitton lashes
What to do when you’ve run out of eyelash ideas? Make your own of course. MUA legend Pat McGrath’s achieved the space-age-style “deconstructed lashes”, by sporadically applying tiny sections of cut-up falsies under the lower lash line. Tweak this technique for your clients by using individual clusters for the bottom lashes. 
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