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    <style> .pdp-form_wrapper.pdp-training_wrapper, .availability-notavailable, .availability-instock,.variation-list {display:none !important;}</style> Master these simple techniques that offer a daily alternative to wearing mascara and using mechanical eyelash curlers. Lashcurl: A simple, safe and effective way to enhance the appearance of the eye, giving an instant curl to the natural lashes. Lashlift: Lashes are lifted right from the root using a unique silicone curler to create the illusion of length and volume. Lash/Brow tinting: A popular salon treatment to enhance and define lashes and brows.<br> <br> <b>Top Features</b><br> <ul><li>Lashcurl/Lashlift treatment procedures including the lift and tint combined technique</li> <li>Eyelash and Brow tinting procedures using colour guides </li> <li>Troubleshooting, promotional and marketing advice</li> <li>Client consultation, contra-indications and client care</li> </ul><br> <b>Key Learnings</b><br><ul> <li>Understanding of the procedure and products for the lashcurl, lashlift and lash/brow tinting treatments</li> <li>The skills and knowledge required to successfully perform these treatments</li> <li>Health and safety knowledge, aftercare advice for the client and troubleshooting</li> </ul>