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I.Nails Express

I.Nails Express Starter Kit with LED Beam Projector MKIII

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Features & benefits
  • Fastest, easiest, permanent nail extension application system ever
  • Guaranteed to last 2 -3 weeks
  • 12 Different sizes, 6 different shapes
  • Manageable length
  • Siutable for all nail types
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Everything you need to get started with I.Nails Express!

Kit includes: LED Beam Projector, Liquid Acrylic, Acrylic Primer and 1 Box Extension Tips.

Extension Tips

Each of the I.Nails Express tips are attached with the innovative I.Nails Express Liquid Acrylic instead of glue, and cured with use of the I.Nails Express LED Beam Projector. These tips come in an ever-broadening choice of colours and designs, and are compatible with all I.Nails products.

LED Beam Projector

The I.Nails Express LED Beam Projector is designed for easy positioning and therefore, better accuracy and comfort. The beam has been designed to cure one nail at a time in a mere 30 seconds and prevent damage during fitting of the next I.Nails Express tip. The projector is high quality and reliable.


For professional use only.

Preparation of natural nails is the same as for any nail extension system. Check for damage and infection, trim and file as required. (Use of Electronic Nail File is recommended.) Ensure nail plate surface is clean, dry and smooth. (Light filing and pushing back of cuticles may be required). Ensure correct size of nail is chosen by dry fitting. Apply a thin film of I.Nails Express Acrylic Primer directly from the Primer Pen. Remove nail from sprue, apply one drop of I.Nails Express Liquid Acrylic to top inside of nail. Apply nail to nail plate by pressing on half way down and pushing back to cuticle. Press into side walls, ensuring adhesive completely covers nail plate without air bubbles. Cure I.Nails Express Liquid Acrylic under our LED Beam Projector for approximately 30 seconds. Lightly file any excess dried Acrylic from side wall and cuticle areas.

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