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    TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier 150ml
    • TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier
    • Defines tresses
    • Enhances natural curls and tames waves
    • Conditions, moisturises and protects from heat
    • Gives hold and control
    € 6,36 € 9,49
    ex VAT
    • Provides rehab for dry, damaged hair
    • Leaves locks feeling softer and shinier, even after styling
    • Contains turbo hydration molecules to give hair a moisture hit
    • Protects against heat and colour damage
    • Contains TIGI Bed Head Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml
    € 20,99
    ex VAT
    • Quick-drying spray with a strong, flexible hold
    • Provides a subtle shine to your finished style
    • Gently conditions and repairs the hair
    • Ensures your style remains flawless all day
    • Suitable for all hair types
    € 6,99
    ex VAT
    • Provides rehab for brittle, damaged hair
    • Continuously repairs with long-lasting results
    • Gives hair a powerful moisture hit
    • Infused with micro shields to boost strength and stamina
    • Contains TIGI Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml
    € 20,99
    ex VAT
    • Masterpiece from Bed Head by TIGI
    • Flexible, medium hold hairspray
    • High shine
    • Anti-humidity
    • Spray size 340ml
    € 8,99
    ex VAT
    • After Party from Bed Head by TIGI
    • Smoothing cream
    • Eliminates frizz and flyaways
    • For a high shine finish
    • Pack size 100ml
    € 10,49
    ex VAT
    • Oatmeal and Honey shampoo and conditioner twin pack
    • From Catwalk by TIGI
    • For dry, damaged hair
    • Leaves hair smooth, soft and silky
    • Supplied as two 750ml bottles
    € 22,99
    ex VAT
    • For dry, damaged tresses that need a moisture hit
    • Help moisture-deprived hair to the ultimate recovery
    • Hydrates, protects against colour fading
    • Prevents split ends
    • 4x fewer breaks + 12x smoother hair= your hair s best recovery plan
    € 16,50
    ex VAT
    • Provides rehab for normal hair
    • Hydrates, strengthens and enhances shine
    • Gives a nutrient boost to maintain moisture balance
    • Leaves hair healthier and softer to the touch
    • Contains TIGI Bed Head Re-Energize Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml
    € 20,99
    ex VAT
    • For dry, damaged tresses that needs a moisture hit
    • Drench moisture-deprived hair with a rush of hydration
    • Moisturises and prevents split ends
    • Protects from thermal and combing damage
    • 4x fewer breaks x 12x smoother hair = your hair s best recovery plan
    € 16,50
    ex VAT
    • Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff from Bed Head by TIGI
    • Lightweight texturising polish
    • Moisturises and fights frizz
    • Adds shine and enhances blonde tones
    • In 50ml tub
    € 8,49
    ex VAT
    • Superstar Queen For A Day from Bed Head by TIGI
    • Thickening spray
    • Adds volume to hair
    • For increased shine
    • Spray size 300ml
    € 8,99
    ex VAT
    • Control Freak from Bed Head by TIGI
    • Frizz control and straightenening serum
    • Calms frizz, static and flyaways
    • Eliminates effects of humidity
    • Pack size 250ml
    € 8,99
    ex VAT
    • Headrush from Bed Head by TIGI
    • A lightweight shine mist for hair
    • All-over coverage
    • extreme gloss from root to tip
    • Spray size 200ml
    € 10,49
    ex VAT
    • For electric looking coloured hair that stays vibrant for longer
    • Nourishes and smooths the hair whilst retaining colour
    • Infused with keratin and nourishing sweet almond oil
    • Keeps hair soft, strong and healthy
    • Contains TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml
    € 20,99
    ex VAT
    • Small Talk from Bed Head by TIGI
    • Thickening and energising styling cream
    • Adds volume and texture
    • Protects hair from heat styling
    • In a 200ml pump-action bottle
    € 10,49
    ex VAT
    • Oil defence for electrifying colour
    • Enhances colour vibrancy and shine
    • Helps close cuticle opened during colouring for strikingly soft hair
    • Contains Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and keratin
    • Moisturises and conditions resulting in strikingly soft hair
    € 16,50
    ex VAT
    • 98% humidity-defying
    • Improves manageability, controls frizz and enhances texture
    • Conditioning agents smooth the hair cuticle for super shine
    • Calms static to combat frizz and add elasticity
    • The effects last up to 48 hours
    € 8,99
    ex VAT
    • Oh Bee Hive! from Bed Head by TIGI
    • Matte dry shampoo
    • Increased body for beehive,up-do creation
    • Absorbs excess oil
    • In a 238ml spray
    € 7,99
    ex VAT
    • Powerful moisture packed shampoo
    • Brings weak and brittle hair back to life
    • Helps keep colour vibrant
    • Moisture overhaul
    • 3x stronger hair + 12x smoother hair = total hair resurrection
    € 16,50
    ex VAT
    • High octane shine for dull, lifeless hair
    • Refreshes and cleanses hair to remove build up
    • Protects against heat styling and UV rays
    • High in antioxidants to maintain healthy hair
    • Contains TIGI Bed Head Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml
    € 20,99
    ex VAT
    • Foxy Curls Contour Cream from Bed Head by TIGI
    • Light definition and hold for curls
    • Eliminates frizz
    • Heat protection
    • Helps keep curls bouncy
    € 7,99
    ex VAT
    • Texturizes and creates separation
    • Light hold with a matte finish
    • Softens and conditions the hair
    • Enriched with a moisturising blend of ingredients
    • Great for short to medium length hair
    € 10,99
    ex VAT
    • Urban Anti-dotes Resurrection Treatment Mask
    • From Bed Head by TIGI
    • Hair treatment mask
    • For fragile, damaged hair
    • Supplied as a 200g pot
    € 9,49
    ex VAT
    • Pre-styling foam that primes hair
    • Creates base foundation for styling
    • Provides buildable body without the weight
    • Lightweight conditioning for touchable texture
    • Ideal for long-lasting style retention
    € 12,49
    ex VAT
    • TIGI Bed Head Motor Mouth
    • Super shine
    • Ultra violet glow
    • For absolute gloss shine
    • Maximise thickness
    € 10,49
    ex VAT
    • Superstar Blowdry Lotion from Bed Head by TIGI
    • Heat-activated lotion
    • Added to hair prior to heat styling
    • Adds volume with a medium hold
    • Pack size 250ml
    € 8,99
    ex VAT
    • Funky styling gunk that spikes, twists and separates
    • Pliable, supportive and long-lasting hold
    • Adds texture and visibly enhances thickness
    • Provides a matte finish
    • Suitable for use on wet or dry hair
    € 8,49
    ex VAT
    • Provides elastic strength for weak hair
    • Salon quality shine and style with every use
    • Improves manageability and adds texture
    • Protects against damaging effects of heat styling
    • Contains TIGI Bed Head Elasticate Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml
    € 20,99
    ex VAT
    • Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner from Bed Head by TIGI
    • For over-processed and chemically treated hair
    • pH balanced
    • Enhanced with milk extracts
    • Supplied as two 750ml bottles
    € 20,99
    ex VAT
    • Detangles beach hair leaving it ready to style
    • Softens and moisturises dry hair
    • Intensely nourishes hair
    • Ease out tangles and reduce breakage
    • Suitable for all hair types
    • Contains Seaweed extract and a trusted UV complex
    € 10,49
    ex VAT
    • Ego Boost from Bed Head by TIGI
    • Leave-in conditioner
    • Mends split ends
    • Strengthens, moisturises and detangles
    • For all hair types
    € 8,99
    ex VAT
    • Daily use shampoo that moisturises and detangles
    • Stimulates the scalp and promotes healthy growth
    • Leaves hair looking fresh and shiny
    • Infused with an invigorating peppermint scent
    • Perfect for men who need a regular refresh
    € 6,99
    ex VAT
    • Transforms rebellious curls into defined ringlets
    • One-scrunch technology
    • Excellent curl hold and definition
    • With thermal protection
    • Contains glycerine to moisturise curls
    € 8,99
    ex VAT
    • Perfect for creating flexible styles
    • Adds texture and definition
    • Fights humidity and frizz
    • Keeps hair looking healthy and hydrated
    • Suitable for styling wet or dry hair
    € 8,49
    ex VAT
    • Protects hair against heat and humidity
    • Keeps coloured tresses vibrant and nourished
    • Restores natural protection lost in colouring process
    • Infused with gorgeous Mango and Tangerine fragrance
    • Contains Sunflower Seed Oil, Grapefruit Extract and UV Complex
    € 10,49
    ex VAT
We stock a great selection of products ranging from Bed Head shampoo to TIGI root boost spray so you can get everything you need to care for your hair. Bed Head products have become hugely popular with both salons and users so make sure to try out TIGI shampoos or Bed Head shampoo and conditioner on your clients.