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Hair Solution




    • Provides messy texture and volume
    • Matte finish with firm hold
    • Pliable styling
    • Great for shorter styles
    • Washes out easily in water
    € 9,00
    ex VAT
    • Phyto peptides help thicken each hair strand
    • Vitamin B5 helps to keep hair nourished
    • Proteins fortify the hair keeping breakage to a minimum
    • Improves hair shine and strength
    • Paraben and crulety free
    € 16,85
    ex VAT
    • Flexible shaping control
    • Great volume and texture
    • Natural finish with a long-lasting hold
    • Great all-round shaping clay
    • Washes out easily in water
    € 8,99
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Light styling crème
    • Workable, pliable styling with great volume
    • Natural finish with natural looking hold
    • Adds volume and life to any style
    • Washes out easily in water
    € 8,99
    ex VAT