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14 July 2021
Posted by in Hair

Everything You Need to Know About Colour Undo

colour undo

Everything You Need to Know About Colour Undo

As you reunite with your clients after months indoors, it’s likely you’ll have one or two who have tried performing a DIY hair colour on themselves and their friends. If your client’s attempts ended with… unfortunate results, we have the solution for you. It’s time to discover Colour Undo.

Read our guide now to learn more about the latest innovation in colour removal, and why you should join over 40,000 hairdressers across the UK and Europe who have already added Colour Undo to their service menu.

What is Colour Undo?

Colour Undo is a simple colour removal process that delivers a safe and gentle service for all your clients. Infused with Argan oil to provide added moisture and shine, this vegan-friendly formula will remove all salon and high street oxidised semi-permanent and permanent colour from your client’s hair. Featuring no ammonia or bleach, the Salon Services Colour Undo will help with:

  • Removal of colour build-up
  • Dull highlights
  • In-salon mistakes
  • Over-toning
  • Changing colours on the same day
  • Mature clients wanting to embrace their natural greys

How does Colour Undo work?

Colour Undo reverses your client’s permanent and semi-permanent colour by shrinking the colour molecules that are the result of oxidised bleaching and colouring. Once your client’s hair is rinsed and buffered, these shrunken molecules are washed out of the hair with no risk of re-oxidisation or damage.

The most important step in the Colour Undo process is the buffering and rinsing stage. Even though the colour molecules have shrunk to their ‘pre-permanent’ size, they are still in your client’s hair. If you don’t rinse them out, oxygen in the air will cause the molecules to expand once again and the colour will reappear. To avoid this, you must make sure the Buffer is used and that your client’s hair is thoroughly rinsed during and after applying.

Will Colour Undo remove all hair colour?

It’s important to learn about your client’s colour history and the desired results before using Colour Undo. Colour Undo only removes semi-permanent and permanent pigments in hair that’s been dyed using developer, peroxide or bleach. However, if bleach has been used then remember that it means it will reverse hair to a lighter shade than your client’s natural colour.

Colour Undo won’t work on cuticle staining dyes as they only deposit colour on the outer layer of the hair. These include:

  • Henna dyes
  • Direct dyes i.e. Crazy Color
  • Plant and herbal based dyes

What makes Colour Undo different to other removal techniques?

Common colour removal techniques, including stripping and bleach baths, can potentially cause irreversible damage to the hair. Colour Undo on the other hand gives you the ease and flexibility to perform your client’s colour services on the same day with no risk of damage. This is due to its formula being infused with Argan oil, which restores the moisture in your client’s hair and leaves it silky and shining.

How Do I Use Colour Undo?

Colour Undo is such an easy process that you can continue to run your salon or freelance business as usual while it works its magic on your client’s hair. Follow our step-by-step guide below so that you can achieve successful colour removal every time.*

*Always remember to perform a patch test 48 hours before using Colour Undo. If your client experiences irritation, do not proceed with Colour undo.

Colour Undo Step-By Step Process

Step One

Mix equal amounts of the Activator and Remover (approximately 50ml of each) using the measuring bottles provided in your pack.

Step Two

Saturate the mixture onto dry hair using a tint bowl and brush, making sure that the hair doesn’t dry out after application. Cover it with a plastic head cap. To protect your client’s face from the liquid, put a halo of cotton wool around the hairline. Leave the mixture to develop for up to 60 minutes or to your client’s desired result (this could be done within 10 minutes).

Step Three

Rinse your client’s hair thoroughly with warm water for 5 minutes and then apply approximately 25ml of the Buffer. Work to a lather and leave in the hair for 1 minute. Rinse once again with warm water for another 5 minutes.

Step Four

Apply a further 25ml of the Buffer and again work to a lather. Leave for 1 minute and then do a final rinse with warm water for 5 minutes. The Colour Undo process is then complete.

Shop Colour Undo at Salon Services now, and keep up to date with the latest hair and beauty trends by visiting
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