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24 December 2018
Posted by in Beauty

How to wax eyebrows and keep your clients happy

Recently been on a waxing course or interested in learning the art of eyebrow shaping? We’ve got the answers to yours & your client’s brow waxing questions.

Is waxing for everyone?

Waxing is a quick and longer lasting way to shape eyebrows.

This method is ideal if your client has thick, fast-growing hairs as regrowth takes several weeks and hair does become lighter and thinner the more treatments they have.

Be careful if your client has sensitive skin as the waxing treatment can cause it to redden. Always ask if your client is taking any medication, which can affect the waxing process (e.g. treatments that thin the skin).

How long should you wait between eyebrow waxing treatments?

The eyebrow hairs need to be long enough for the wax to pick them up, so around two to three weeks if your client wants to maintain their brow shape, or at least four weeks between treatments if they want a complete brow reshape. This can vary from client to client.

How can you find the perfect eyebrow shape?

The right brows have the power to transform a face so getting this right is key.

Spend time working out what’s best for your client and the type of look they’d like, too.

Hold a pencil vertically at the middle of each of your client’s nostrils – this is the start of the brows so hair growth between the eyebrows from this point inwards needs removing.

Arch placement is tricky to get right so place a pencil diagonally from the corner of the nose, through the centre of the iris. Where the pencil touches the brow is where the eyebrows highest point should be.

“The right brows have the power to transform a face so getting this right is key.”

What do I need for eyebrow waxing?

Acquiring the correct eyebrow waxing tools is crucial to this process and achieving maximum results.

Firstly, always wash and sanitise your hands thoroughly, and wear gloves to protect yourself.

Cut your waxing strips into smaller pieces around 1cm thick before your client arrives.

Use a waxing pot to gently warm your wax and test it on yourself first. Hot wax should NOT be used on the face.

Use a cleanser to remove oils, makeup and any bacteria. Then put a small amount of pre-waxing oil on the area to be waxed to protect the skin. You can also apply petroleum jelly to the brow hairs that don’t need waxing, to protect them.

How should I apply wax to the eyebrows?

Apply the wax to the hairs that need removing underneath the eyebrow and in the direction of hair growth.

Use a smaller spatula for eyebrow waxing – and use a clean one each time, never double dip in the wax.

Apply the wax under the eyebrow but not right up to the eyebrow line – you can use tweezers for this.

Then apply the wax strip, stroking your fingers over the strip to make sure it's stuck to the skin. Then remove the strip against the direction the hairs are growing, to pull off hairs. Make sure the action is quick and gently stretch the skin to lessen discomfort.

Repeat the process on hairs above and in between the eyebrows, again applying wax in direction of hair growth and pulling the strip off against the hair growth direction.

Q Should I use eyebrow tweezers?

Use eyebrow tweezers for any stray hairs that haven’t come out, plus for the eyebrow hairs that are close to the brow line.

Hold the tweezers as close to the skin as possible to make sure you pluck the whole hair, and keep your client’s skin gently stretched between your fingers at all times to lessen discomfort.

Make sure your tweezers have been sanitised properly first.

What are the best eyebrow waxing aftercare products

Apply a soothing lotion to the area after waxing to soothe the skin and reduce swelling and redness.

Let your client know that their skin may be prone to irritation so for 24 hours after a waxing treatment they should avoid applying makeup on the area and things like saunas, steam rooms, sunbathing and swimming pools.

Grab a place on our Hi Brow professional eyebrow course to learn how to wax, shape, tint, measure, trim, tweeze and thread brows!

Share your tips!

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