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01 April 2019
Posted by in Beauty

8 easy ways to market - and grow - your spray tan business

Spray Tan Business

The sun is shining… and clients want spray tans! But in a crowded market, how do you make your business stand out and attract clients? Laura Jones, senior product manager for Sienna X, shares her expert advice for making your tanning business a success.

1. Ask clients to write reviews

It’s not enough to wait for clients to find you - with so many salons and mobile therapists offering spray tans, you need to be proactive when marketing your business.

Laura says, “Clients are always looking for recommendations. Every client you see, ask them to write a review and give them a reason to post while they are there.”

This means offering outstanding service and being on top of your spray tan skills and latest trends.

2. Don’t be afraid to upsell

As well as selling spray tan services, also think about how you can sell products to your clients to boost profits even more.

Laura states, “A lot of therapists fear selling, especially if they have a mobile business and are going into people’s homes. It can feel a bit awkward getting all your products out and doing a sales pitch.

“Avoid this by trying to create an environment where you are naturally talking about different products and how they could help your client. Encourage them to play with the products.”

Want an easy upsell? If your client is going away on holiday, why not send them away with some gradual tan products that will last them on their break, such as Sienna X Gradual Self Tan Lotion.

3. Find out what your client wants

It might sound obvious but talking to your client about your services can often end in a new appointment.

“If you have a waxing client and she’s never booked a spray tan service with you, don’t be afraid to ask her why. Try and delve into your client’s mindset to understand what is stopping her. If she’s just unsure about spray tans, you could suggest a leg tan for her to get started.”

4. Use loyalty cards

Keeping your clients loyal is key. But you also want to make sure they come and see you as often as they can.

Laura mentions, “Loyalty cards are a really good way of increasing frequency of appointments. You could give a stamp per treatment and if they earn enough between a set time period, they get a discount on another service or some other reward.”

This is a really good idea in the quieter months for your spray tan business.

“In January and February you could offer a tan as part of a package for a set price. This could also include a brow or leg wax for example.”

“Offer a bespoke product that attracts clients to you”

5. Be proactive

As a therapist you’re used to chatting with clients. So why not use those conversations to fill your appointment book!

Laura suggests, “Take note of what your client is talking about and think how you can use that to increase your bookings. For example, if your client mentions a friend is getting married, ask if they want you to book them in now for their wedding spray tan. Chances are your client isn’t even thinking about that yet, so it pays to be smart and proactive.”

6. Find your USP

With so many tanning businesses, it’s hard to know how to stand out. But it’s worth taking the time to work out what your unique selling point is.

“Do your research”, says Laura. “Find out what the salon down the road is doing and then think about what you are offering that is different. Just because you are both offering tanning services doesn’t mean you should market them in the same way. Offer a bespoke product that attracts clients to you.”

Stand out! Become the go-to for clients wanting sculpting and highlighting tans, or offer something as simple as arriving with a cupcake for your client.

7. Be savvy when you set your prices

“Never set your prices based on the competition and think that if they are charging £15 for a spray tan you’ll charge the same”, says Laura. “There has to be a reason behind your price: your time, overheads, the cost of the tanning products you’re using.”

Laura also recommends not dropping your prices to attract new clients. “Avoid price discounting when you advertise your services, as your client might assume it’s always going to cost that much. It’s then hard to put that price up.”

8. Never stop learning

Even if you’ve been in the spray tan business for years, it pays to top up your tanning training.

Make sure you’re on top of tanning trends like highlighting and illuminating. It’s also good to know about new products that your clients might like.

Laura says, “Training doesn’t have to stop and it shouldn’t - things change all the time. Make sure you’re always aware what’s going on. Contouring didn’t exist a few years ago and now it’s a really popular service. Keep in mind how you can make the tan look better and last longer.”

Share your spray tan tips

How do you market your spray tan business? Why not join the conversation on our Facebook page, @SalonServicesUK.

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