• Contains 65% alcohol
    • No water, no rinse, no towels
    • Kills germs within seconds
    • Cleanses and freshens hands without soap
    • Specially formulated for salon use
    € 10,70
    ex VAT
    • Contains 65% alcohol.
    • No water, no rinse, no towels.
    • Kills germs within seconds.
    • Cleanses and freshens hands without soap.
    • Specially formulated for salon use.
    € 3,50
    ex VAT
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    Minerals of Eden Spa Collection Body Wash, 500ml
    1+ 1 HALF PRICE
    • Luxurious and deeply pampering formula
    • Promotes supple, smooth skin
    • Deep cleansing and invigorating
    • Reduces irritation from dryness
    € 20,00
    ex VAT
    • Moisturizing body scrub with Jojoba Pearls
    • Exfoliates rough skin and stimulates micro circulation
    • With soothing Kaolin
    • Skin feels soft, smooth and fully rejuvenated
    • For all skin types
    € 13,95
    ex VAT
    • Formulated with cleansing Papaya Enzyme
    • A gentle alternative to a chemical peel
    • Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin
    • Boosts cell regeneration
    • Skin feels beautifully soft and hydrated
    € 11,95
    ex VAT
    • Exfoliates, Cleanses & Condtions
    • Pumice exfoliates naturally
    • Rinses easily
    • Helps soften hands, feet & elbows
    • Natural clan base
    € 5,00
    ex VAT
    • Formulated with Raw Coconut Sugar to exfoliate and polish skin
    • With Coconut Oil to deeply moisturise and soften the skin
    • Monoi Oil hydrates and pampers skin
    • Peppermint Oil invigorates and stimulates skin
    • No Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Gluten, Sulphates or dyes
    € 5,99
    ex VAT
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    • Shower gel
    • Skin cleansing
    • Moisturising
    • Coconut scent
    • Large economical pack
    € 8,90
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • High performance lotion for smooth, bump-free skin
    • Help remove ingrown hairs in as little as 24 hours
    • With active ingredients and natural extracts
    • Helps to treat and prevent razor bumps and razor burn
    • Perfect for all areas of the body
    € 9,40
    ex VAT
    out of stock
  • Exclusive
    Skintruth Bodycare Smoothing Body Scrub 450ml
    • Creamy, smoothing body scrub
    • Ultimate exfoliating treatment to reveal fresh new skin
    • Shea Butter and Avocado extracts nourish and moisturise
    • Leaves skin soft and smooth
    • No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil
    € 10,75
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Body exfoliant scrub
    • With lavender and rosemary oils
    • Removes impurities and dead skin
    • Brightens and invigorates
    • For regular use
    € 8,60
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Body cleanser from PBS
    • Practical and economical
    • In a large pack for heavy use
    € 5,65
    ex VAT
    out of stock
  • Exclusive
    Skintruth Bodycare Stimulating Body Scrub 450ml
    • Gently exfoliates to refine and smooth skin texture
    • Help boost cell renewal
    • Infused with Black Pepper and Menthol to leave the skin tingling
    • The uplifting aroma will awaken your senses
    • No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil
    € 10,55
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Palmer's Men Body and Face Wash
    • Ideal for salon retail
    • Continue moisturising treatment at home
    • Contains cocoa butter and vitamin e
    • Container size 400ml
    € 4,43
    ex VAT
    out of stock