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    • GiGi No Bump lotion
    • Prevents ingrown hairs and bumps caused by hair removal
    • Calms redness of shaved, waxed and electrolysis-treated skin
    • In 118ml bottle
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    • Professional formula bikini wax
    • From leading brand GiGi
    • Thorough bikini hair removal
    • Gentle on skin
    • For home or salon use
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    • Professionally remove unwanted body hair
    • All Purpose Honee Wax
    • Leaves skin sleek, smooth and hair free
    ex VAT
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    • Mess-free, roll-on skin smoothing gel
    • Eliminates and prevents skin irritations
    • Recommended for men and women after hair removal treatment
    • Convenient roll-on application
    ex VAT
    • After Wax Cooling Gel
    • Contains menthol and cucumber
    • Cools skin
    • Reduces redness
    • Moisturises and nourishes skin
    ex VAT
    • Professional crème wax with tea tree
    • Melts at low temp for comfort
    • For sensitive skin
    • Large 396g tub
    • For home and salon use
    ex VAT
    • GiGi PreEpilation Oil
    • Prepare skin for hair removal
    • Conditions the skin for all hard wax applications
    • Makes the removal of wax easier and more effective
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    • Milk Chocolate Creme Wax
    • For those with sensitive skin
    • Anti-inflamatory
    • Removes short, coarse and stubborn hair
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    • Sure Clean
    • No-rinse, all-purpose cleaner
    • Used on GiGi warmers
    • Also used on most surfaces
    • Removes wax from carpets and floors
    ex VAT
    • GiGi Gentle Bleaching Cream
    • Almost invisible skin tone facial hair
    • Safe and easy-to-use
    • Bleaches facial, arm and leg hair to an almost invisible skin tone shade
    ex VAT
    • GiGi Brazilian Bikini Wax Kit
    • Designed to remove coarse and stubborn hair
    • For bikini area
    • Fast, efficient and gentle
    • Requires no strips for removal
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Natural Muslin Strips
    • Pack of 100
    • Large size
    • Use with GiGi professional wax
    ex VAT
    • Pre-hon lotion
    • First step for effective hair removal
    • Formulated to cleanse skin
    • Helps protect from irritation
    ex VAT
    • GiGi Azulene Wax
    • Hairfree for weeks
    • Gently conditions skin
    • Specially made with soothing azulene oil
    • Pleasing for all skin types
    ex VAT
    • Professional creme wax
    • Melts at low temp for comfort
    • For sensitive skin
    • Large 396g tub
    • For home and salon use
    ex VAT
    • GiGi Hair Removal Cream
    • Cooling cucumber and aloe vera formula
    • Gentle on skin
    • Specifically designed to gently remove unsightly facial hair
    ex VAT
    out of stock
    • Removes all traces of wax from skin
    • Contains aloe vera
    • Enriched with essential oils
    • Moisturises as it cleans
    ex VAT
    • GiGi Slow Grow
    • Fast absorbing
    • Anti-keratin formula
    • Discourages hair growth
    • For daily use
    ex VAT
    • Accu Edge Applicators from GiGi
    • Designed especially for waxing
    • Precise and accurate application
    • Less mess, less waste
    • Size Small, pack of 100
    ex VAT
    • GiGi No Bump Scrub
    • Essential wax treatment care
    • Exfoliate and protect
    • For pre and post wax use
    ex VAT