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    • Colour Whisk from Color Trak
    • Solution mixing tool
    • Creates smooth and even formulas
    • Sturdy metal construction
    ex VAT
    • Perfect tool set for achieving optimum colouring application
    • Slightly curved board on two sides to better suit head shape
    • Shorter brush bristles for precise colouring
    • Board handle provides comfort and stability
    • One textured and one smooth side
    ex VAT
    • ColourTrak Double Bowl
    • In black
    • Essential for mixing and applying products
    • Create great shades and styles
    ex VAT
    • Color Trak Tint Brushes
    • With safari designs
    • Two pack
    • Ergonomic handle with contoured thumb groove
    • 1 stiff, and 1 firm rounded bristles
    ex VAT
    • Processing Caps from Color Trak
    • Bouffant-style with elastic
    • Clear and disposable
    • For developing perms, developers and conditioners
    ex VAT
    • Colour Brushes from Color Trak
    • Pack of three
    • Narrow width for precise colour application
    • Unique contour bristles
    ex VAT
    • Wide Color Brush from Color Trak
    • Tail end for sectioning
    • Flat-edged brush for application
    • For use with colourants and bleaches
    • In black
    ex VAT
    • Angled Color Brush from Color Trak
    • Slanted, straight brush for applying hair dye
    • Use dyes and bleaches
    • Tail end aids sectioning
    • In black
    ex VAT
    • Each gripper can be easily cleaned and sanitized
    • Grips hair with soft feel, easy to clean
    • 2 grippers in each pack
    ex VAT
  • Limited Edition
    Colortrak Glam Kit
    • Salon Essentials Jet Black and Crystal-cut Metallic Kit, Stylish Chic carrying case can be used & reused for anything
    • Iconic Style and Exceptional Design
    • Includes wide feather bristle brush with diamond pattern handle
    • Includes 10oz Ornamental Diamond Spray bottle
    • Includes Reversible Chemical Proof Cape, 100% Nylon, 45" x 58", Snap Closure
    ex VAT
    • Colour Key from Color Trak
    • Squeezes product from tint tubes
    • Increased value
    • Reduced waste
    • Durable metal construction
    ex VAT
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