• Exclusive
    Salon Services Cleansing Spray 240ml
    • Salon Services Cleansing Spray
    • Contains almost 100% Alcohol
    • Prepare hands and feet for treatment
    • Usable on tools and equipment
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  • Low Price
    Salon Services Disposable Capes Black Pack of 100
    Low Price
    • Salon Services Disposable Capes
    • In black
    • A pack of 100 capes
    • Protect from chemicals
    • Keep clothes hair-free
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    • Sally Professional Styling Comb
    • Versatile hairdressing tool
    • For any hair type
    • Made from high-quality materials
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    • Salon Services Cutting Cape
    • Black
    • Lightweight
    • Water resistant nylon
    • Wrinkle free
    ex VAT
    • Hospital-grade EPA approved broad-spectrum disinfectant
    • For use in professional salons, barber shops and spas
    • Anti-rust formulation protects tools
    • Will not stain skin or surfaces
    • Safe for non-porous surfaces including tanning beds, metals, stainless steel, plastics, combs, brushes, rollers and shears
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    • Matte effect and roughness
    • Strong control and separation
    • Long-lasting hold and strong texture
    • 24h volume control
    • Lightweight powder
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    • The Super Taper is the UK s bestselling professional mains clipper
    • Powerful, durable and long lasting professional V5000 motor
    • Rust resistant, high precision chrome plated blades
    • Designed for the busy stylist or barber and ideal for all clipper work
    • Convenient thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture without changing the blades
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    • Salon Services Salons All Purpose Cape
    • Lightweight
    • In black
    • Water resistant
    • Bleach chemical and colour proof
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  • Exclusive
    Salon Services Large Cutting Comb
    • High quality ABS anti-static cutting comb
    • Dual spaced teeth for cutting and styling
    • Strong yet flexible
    • Wide, straight-edged teeth for a clean cut
    • Ideal for taming frizzy hair and fly-aways
    ex VAT
    • Specially prepared for Wahl clippers and trimmers
    • Easy to dispense twist nozzle
    • Helps to prolong the life of your clippers and trimmers
    • Helps prevent overheating from friction
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    • Toenail clipper from Salon Services
    • Classic design
    • With clippings catcher
    • Safe and hygienic
    • In black, stainless steel
    ex VAT
    • Professional volumising hair mousse
    • Gives strong hold and head-turning volume to the hair
    • Heat protection
    • Hold level 3
    ex VAT
    • Extreme hold texture wax for natural expression
    • Supreme definition and control
    • Firm yet flexible hold
    • Matte look finish
    ex VAT
    • Professional hair styling gel with strong hold
    • Adds unique pearl gloss shine to the hair
    • Provides UV protection
    • Strong flexible hold to create tousled and texturised styles
    • Hold level 3
    ex VAT
    • Lightweight volume
    • Medium style control
    • Natural shine
    • Conditioning
    • Adds body with blow-dry heat protection
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  • Exclusive
    Salon Services Shoulder Cape Black
    • Waterproof shoulder cape
    • Stain resistant vinyl
    • Soft nylon neckband
    • Velcro closure
    • Suitable for all salon processes
    ex VAT
    • Long-lasting volume
    • Root lift
    • Strong control
    • Lightweight formula
    • Blow-dry heat protection
    ex VAT
    • The UK's best clipper is now available in a cordless version
    • Powerful, durable and long lasting professional rotary clipper motor
    • Uses existing Super Taper combs for added convenience
    • Thumb lever adjusts taper & texture without changing blades
    • Lithium Ion battery technology means an outstanding 90 minute run time from a 120 minute charge time
    ex VAT
    • High performance resin styling glue
    • Ideal for ultimate hold
    • No stickiness or flaking
    • Delivers extreme, long-lasting control
    • For even the most outrageous styles
    ex VAT
    • Ideal for use after shaving
    • Apply to nicks, cuts or irritated areas
    • Provides instant soothing relief
    • Disposable for convenience
    ex VAT
    • Cordless Magic Clipper with lithium Ion battery technology
    • 90 minutes cutting time from a 120 minute charge
    • New crunch blade staggered tooth technology
    • Precision ground, high carbon steel blades
    • Features taper lever and includes 8 attachment combs
    • Comb sizes: 0.5, 1.5, 1 - 4, 6 & 8
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    • Pack includes 10 40mm blades
    • Suitable for Tondeo TM Razor
    • Ideal for shaving and cutting
    • Easy to split
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    • Disinfectant for clippers
    • Sterilises and lubricates
    • Prevents cross infection
    • Removes hair debris
    • Spray before every cut
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    • Easy to use pump action 250ml bottle
    • Keeps clippers and trimmer blades clean and fresh
    • Help to resist bacteria, virus and fungicide
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    • Denman D78 Neck Duster
    • Removes cut hair from the neck and shoulders
    • With long nylon bristles
    • Easy to clean
    • In black
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  • Exclusive
    Salon Services Black Clipper Comb
    • A strong and flexible comb
    • Wide-spaced teeth
    • Provides maximum manageability
    • Aids precision clipping
    • Perfect for barbers
    ex VAT
    • Magnetic motor clipper cuts wet or dry hair
    • Ergonomic design to feel smaller and lighter in your hand
    • Quiet motor stays cool
    • High-speed adjustable blade (000 to 1)
    • Includes six attachment combs
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  • SAVE
    TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier 150ml
    • TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier
    • Defines tresses
    • Enhances natural curls and tames waves
    • Conditions, moisturises and protects from heat
    • Gives hold and control
    £5.27 £8.50
    ex VAT
    • Powerful heavy-duty corded clipper
    • Professional V9000 vibrator motor
    • Chrome-plated "Crunch" blade technology
    • Taper lever adjusts fade, taper and texture
    • Includes 10 premium comb attachments
    ex VAT
    • Quick drying and completely water soluble
    • Superb volume and fantastic hold
    • No flaking or build in the hair
    • Contains sunscreens for added UV protection
    • Outstanding value twin pack
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    • Replacement blade for Wahl mains clippers
    • Cutting length of 1-3.5 mm
    • Fits the Wahl Super Taper, Pro Clip, Taper 2000, Academy Clipper and Icon hair clippers
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    • Ergonomically designed, easy to handle and lightweight clipper
    • Powerful and durable professional clipper motor
    • Rust resistant, high precision chrome plated blades
    • Ideal for salons and students
    • Convenient thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture without changing the blades
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    • Professional hair styling flubber gel with extra strong hold
    • Rock solid styles with brilliant shine
    • Provides UV protection
    • Perfect for creative and expressive styles
    • Hold level 4
    ex VAT
    • Clippercide spray for hair clippers
    • Cleans, cools, disinfects, lubricates, prevents rust
    • An essential product to maintain hygiene
    • In 340g aerosol spray
    ex VAT
    • The very finest double-edge razor blades
    • For use with any double-edge razor
    • Provides a moderate to aggressive shave
    • Designed for durability
    • 10 blades per back
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