• Warm waxing is one of the most popular salon treatments all year round, giving your business an excellent regular income. This course covers all areas of face and body waxing using the pot and spatula system.
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  • Intimate Waxing is aimed at experienced beauty therapists with prior knowledge of waxing. This course is for therapists who want to move on to and specialise in intimate waxing - i.e. Brazilian and Hollywood styles using the hot wax method.
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  • This is a professional waxing course for skilled waxing technicians who want to master the art of the much sought after and fashionable Hollywood and Brazilian waxing techniques. Emphasis is placed on hot waxing skills including Salon System’s unique Just Wax Multiflex waxing technique.
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    Dermaplaning is the removal of dead skin cells and the vellus hair to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles instantly revealing brighter more youthful looking skin.

    Top Features
    • Review of the Dermaplaning technique
    • Demonstrations and the opportunity to practice on each other
    • Client Consultations and aftercare advice

    Key Learnings
    • Full understanding of how Dermaplaning works
    • The skills and knowledge required to complete a tailored treatment for various skin types
    • Health and safety knowledge to carry out the service confidently
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