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The online assistant designed for small businesses and freelancers

In partnership with Salon Services, Pocket PA helps hair and beauty freelancers like you to run your business by seamlessly bringing the admin side of your work together in one place. From bookings to bookkeeping, and everything in between, you can get organised on your phone, tablet or computer.



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Pocket PA is fully customisable with easy to follow tabs, and it runs on your phone, tablet or desktop. You can create a client database at the same time as building your business, track ALL of your income and expenses, and even generate a full business breakdown for your accountant.

My biggest frustration was people forgetting their appointments, so Pocket PA covers this beautifully by automatically sending an SMS to everyone. My clients love these reminders.

Nicola Merritt, Beautician

Pocket PA lets you know, to the penny, what your money situation is whenever you open the app, so you’ll always understand the financial health of your business.

Caroline Syson, founder of Pocket PA

You can also send invoices, meaning no more awkward payment chase-ups. Your clients can pay with any credit or debit card thanks to Stripe or Square payments, which are certified PCI Service Provider Level 1 (the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry), and they also get automated email or SMS reminders2 of appointments and outstanding payments.

Pocket PA gives you the freedom to organise your business as you wish and, with all of the accounting work done automatically for you, you’ll never have to worry about the hassle of paperwork.

You can also send invoices, meaning no more awkward payment chase-ups. Your clients can pay with any credit or debit card thanks to Stripe or Square payments, which are certified PCI Service Provider Level 1 (the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry), and they also get automated email or SMS reminders2 of appointments and outstanding payments.

Pocket PA gives you the freedom to organise your business as you wish and, with all of the accounting work done automatically for you, you’ll never have to worry about the hassle of paperwork.


per month


1. The standard cost is £14.99 per month (inc VAT) – Salon Services customers receive a 10% discount

2. The SMS service is an additional pay-as-you-go feature

More information
Can I use Pocket PA on my mobile phone?

Yes. Pocket PA offers a very mobile friendly experience on both iOS and Android. All you have to do is log into your PocketPA.com account on your browser and save it as a shortcut to your homepage. You will need internet to open the site each time as your main account remains on the cloud rather than taking up valuable storage space on your phone. You can also save a link to the website on your phone’s home screen, so you can open it in the same way that you would with a regular app.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You are free to cancel your Pocket PA subscription at any time with no extra notice or cost. Any remaining time you’ve paid for will continue until your expiry date. No partial refunds for unused periods are possible as access to all data will remain in place until expiry.

Once your free trial or subscription ends, we will keep your stored data safe for 90 days in case you change your mind and renew/upgrade your subscription. After these 90 days all of your data will be deleted and you will need to reregister.

Pocket PA needs a Stripe or Square account to make card payments and generate invoices. What is Stripe and how can I connect to it with my Pocket PA account?

Stripe & Square are online payment-processing platforms that allows your business to transfer money from your client’s bank account via credit and debit card into your business account. To create your Stripe or Square account and connect it with your Pocket PA account:

  • Log in to your Pocket PA account using WiFi or your phone’s 4G
  • Go to your User Profile > Integrations > choose Stripe or Square.
  • Select CONNECT TO STRIPE OR SQUARE and you will be taken to the Stripe or Square set up screen to enter the following:
  • Business details
  • Bank account details
  • Where you want your money paid into
  • If you don’t have a website to input into the required field, you can add your Facebook or Instagram page.
  • Once you have created your Stripe or Square account you can customise its dashboard with your logo, colours, and payment terms.

How do I change the Stripe or Square account I am connected to with Pocket PA?

  • Go to your User Profile > Integrations > Stripe or Square Account Integration.
  • Press the red button to select DISCONNECT FROM STRIPE OR SQUARE and reactivate with your new Stripe or Square account.
  • Please note, you won’t be able to take any card payments, send invoices or collect online payments until you are connected to your Stripe or Square account.

Do I need a card-reader to take card payments?

No, you can choose to take payments via Pocket PA are taken within the app using Stripe. Alternatively, you can purchase a Square card reader and use this method - but either way you decide and it means that it’s easier than ever to make your business “cash free”. Whether it’s WiFi or 4G, all you need is a good internet connection. All payments with Stripe are secure and no card details are stored, so there’s nothing for your customers to worry about.

How do I create an appointment?

You can create an appointment after adding at least one client and service in your Pocket PA account. To do this, click ‘Appointment’ from the dropdown plus button in the top right-hand corner. From there, you will choose:

  • Date of the appointment
  • Time of the appointment
  • If it’s recurring e.g. weekly/monthly
  • Service (you can add new services in this section with the plus icon on the drop-down)
  • Client (you can add new clients in this section with the plus icon on the drop-down)
  • Appointment location
  • Discount (if applicable)

Alternatively, you can click on anywhere in your calendar to add the Service directly from that date and time.

How do I edit my client’s details?

In the ‘Clients’ tab, select the client you wish to edit. Once their details are shown, you’ll see a green Edit button top right, and once clicked, you will go into edit mode. You can then update or add more information to your client’s page, including a profile photo and additional addresses/phone numbers, attachments, images or notes you want to keep specific to your client.

What should I do if I don’t have a client’s email account?

Email addresses are optional when saving new clients as only a first name and a phone number are mandatory. However, an email address is required if you want to send clients invoices, and are great for email marketing or reminder and thank you messages.

I want to take card payments but it does not show up in my list of options for Payments. How do I fix this?

You’ll need to go into your User Profile > My Profile > Payment Settings > Payment Methods.

  • Switch the CARD PAYMENT button to ON
  • You will need to click on the link to Set Up your Stripe or Square account Integration if this is not already active
  • Connect or set up your Stripe or Square account under the Payment integrations tab in your User Profile area
  • Once this is done, you’ll always see the option to take card payments

Are my customer’s card details stored in my phone?

No. All transactions take place on the secure Stripe or Square platform and they do not store any card details for future use.

How can I send reminder SMS messages?

Go into your User Profile > My Profile > Client Notification Area / SMS Notification and purchase your optional credit bundles so you can send automated SMS reminders. In here, you can customise your message and set up how far in advance you would like to send them. Along with reminders, you can also schedule ‘Thank you’ SMS messages following each appointment and send a Booking Confirmation message. Each function can be individually switched ON/OFF using the buttons.

I have set up reminder SMS messages but my customer didn’t receive a text. Why is this?

Please ensure you have the right country code selected for every client you send an SMS message to. If you haven’t then the message won’t send. You can check the country code provided by going into your client’s detail page. There is also a HISTORY tab under the SMS Notifications area to show you all messages successfully sent to your clients and for those not delivered you can quickly check back with that client to update their profile with the correct mobile number.

How can I see how much I have spent on business expenses weekly/monthly/annually?

Go to your Business Expense tab and you will find a full list of itemised expenses you have entered along with info on their category, recurrence and whether or not you added a receipt. All data can be exported using the EXPORT button on the top right.

Can I choose which days and times when I am available for ONLINE BOOKING?

Yes. You can select the days you want to appear for your customers when they access your Online Booking diary. To do this, go into your User Profile > My Profile > Calendar & Time and switch the days ON/OFF for online booking on the right hand side.

Can I keep receipts safe for my business expenses?

Yes. When creating a business expense, you can either upload a JPG or PDF of your receipt from your desktop or take a photo from your phone. This will all be saved securely in the cloud to review at any time.

How do I see how much profit I’m making?

You can check the Net Income dial on your dashboard for a quick weekly/monthly/annual overview. The number in the middle is the difference between your physically received income for that period minus your paid out expenses within that same period. For more in-depth information on your profits you can refer to the Net Income tab. In here you can see the full business picture and also customise the date ranges.

All data can be exported by selecting the top right EXPORT button in this screen and download it as a CSV, PDF or Excel file to your computer.

How do I provide all of my income and expense information to my accountant?

At the top right of each tab, i.e. Business Expenses or Income/Payments, there is an EXPORT button. When you press it you’ll have a date range to select from and the preference to view it as a PDF/CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet. You can download this spreadsheet directly onto your desktop for you to open or email onwards. Pro tip: Accountants love CSV or Excel as they cannot sort any data in a PDF file.

Your Pocket PA account offers an automated option to get this information sent weekly, monthly or annually. To do this, go to your User Profile > Helpful Tools > Export information and select your preferences for your recurrence and file format. A link will be sent to your inbox with the required information.

How can I see which clients owe me money?

On the dashboard you’ll find an ‘Expected Income Dial’ with red text saying ‘Left to Pay’. This shows you how much money you are due from unpaid appointments. If you click on this it will take you to a full list of outstanding appointments and sales. There is also a link under the Financials drop down at the top to take you directly to this page.

When you go into each appointment or sale, you can click onto your client’s name and contact details to follow it up. If you’d prefer to collect your payment online, you can send your client an invoice outlining the amount due as long as you have connected to a Stripe or Square account.

How can I see my ‘best paying clients’?

You can sort how your client list is arranged by going into the Client area and choose List view (rather than galley view) and choose to sort by ‘Payments’ above the information columns. This will rank your client list to show from highest to lowest payments. You can now view this feature on any of your devices – so from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Can I export my appointments to my usual diary?

We don’t have a specific export feature for Pocket PA appointments currently but it’s possible to add any of your private appointments straight into Pocket PA calendar using Add Appointment > Private / Blocked time. These will show in dark grey and stop any online bookings from being made during these times.

How safe is my data?

All of your data is kept on a cloud with Amazon Web Services. They have been chosen as they are renowned globally and have a very secure and reliable reputation.

Can my clients pay with Apple or Google Pay?

Yes. Your clients can use Apple or Google Pay if you send them an invoice via the INVOICE feature. Once they receive their emailed invoice on their Apple device, they need to click on the link in the email to pay. Their iPhone, iPad or MacBook device should then offer them the option to pay by Apple Pay as long as their device is registered.

You will see it marked as PAID on your Income Dial as soon as the payment has been registered by Stripe or Square.