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08 July 2021
Posted by in Hair

How can I support my clients that have hair loss and thinning?

hair loss thinning

As you get your salon or freelance business back in full swing, one of the sensitive concerns you might get from your clients is around hair loss and thinning.

As you get your salon or freelance business back in full swing, one of the sensitive concerns you might get from your clients is around hair loss and thinning. This is understandable because hair thinning appears to be a long-term symptom for about 1 in 5 people who contracted COVID-19.

So if you’re unsure about what to ask or what to do, we’ve gathered some advice on the potential causes of hair loss and thinning and how to behave around your clients. There’s also some great hair care products you should always have on hand and that can be recommended for home use.

What’s the cause?

There are several reasons why people experience hair thinning and loss. That’s why, as a hairdresser, it’s important to ask your clients about the different elements of their lifestyle. Some of these may be diet, exercise or medical conditions. This will help to get to the root cause and steer them towards the right solution for their hair care routine following their treatment. Here are some of the causes to consider when you speak with your clients.

Hormonal imbalance

Fluctuating hormones and imbalances can come from a variety of medical issues, for example pregnancy and menopause. This is normally temporary, but it can be difficult to predict when hair starts growing back.


As mentioned at the beginning, around 1 in 5 people who’ve contracted COVID have reported hair loss as a long-term symptom. While no evidence suggests COVID-19 directly causes hair loss, doctors have indicated it comes from the physical and emotional stress of having the disease.


Have you heard someone say they were so stressed over a situation that their hair started falling out? You may be surprised to hear that this common saying actually has an element of fact. Some clients who’ve experienced psychological trauma will experience hair loss. This can be gradually or through a condition called alopecia areata, which takes the form of patches around the scalp or even the entire body in severe cases.

Nutritional deficiencies

Your client’s growth cycle is sensitive to changes in the body. This means any medical issues such as iron deficiency, anaemia and lack of vitamin C can result in hair thinning and loss. While your client’s hair should grow back once their deficiency is rectified, for example a change in diet, it’s still important to treat their hair to avoid further thinning or loss.

Underlying medical issues

Hair loss can be an indicator of side effects caused by different types of medication. Some of those to keep in mind when speaking with your clients include immunosuppressants, Vitamin A and prescription antibiotics. In most cases, hair will grow back once your clients have stopped taking these medicines, but you should be prepared for possible long-term effects.


One common cause of hair loss found in both men and women is chemotherapy. This normally happens within a few weeks of starting a treatment and can affect either all or most of the hair around the scalp and neck. Happily, it will normally regrow within a few months following their treatment.

Need to know more? Visit our Hair Loss and Thinning page.

Be compassionate

Remember that your clients may be feeling anxious and embarrassed about their hair thinning when they sit in your salon chair or you visit them at home. You as a hairdresser are the expert in this situation, and they will be looking to you for support and reassurance. As you perform their treatment, give them a boost of confidence by demonstrating each hair care product while clearly explaining how it is improving their thinning.

Use (and recommend) the right products

It’s important to have the right products at hand to treat your client’s hair thinning and/or loss. If you’re struggling to find them then remember that you can always turn to us, because we supply products that will give your clients a soothing salon experience that leaves their hair full of body. Here are some ranges we recommend to treat and retail on to your clients.

Wella Professionals Nioxin

The Wella Professionals Nioxin collection features a comprehensive collection of reparative kits, strengthening masques and lightweight sprays designed to give fine hair a boost of thickness and density. No matter whether your client’s hair is dyed or natural, this range offers products suited to their needs as they cleanse the scalp and removes all impurities for weightless results. With products including the intensive Nioxin 3D Intensive Diaboost, this range is ideal for a plumping salon treatment and daily at-home routine.

Shop the Nioxin range now!

DiksoNatura Coadjuvant Lotion in the Prevention of Hair Loss Pack

DiksoNatura‘s pack of lightweight lotions provide an intensive and stimulating treatment on your client’s scalp and hair. With an all-natural formula high in antioxidants, its therapeutic blend of lavender, citron and rosemary will oxygenate the scalp while restoring balance. The results? An invigorating salon experience that strengthens hair from within.

Kemon Liding Energy

From Kemon, the Liding Energy collection will give your client’s thinning hair more than just a boost of volume. Their hair will be full of energy. What’s its secret? The soothing yet uplifting blend of ginseng and caffeine extracts are specially designed to revitalise and refresh the scalp. Liding Energy products promise a gentle and soothing experience that reinforces the roots to promote healthy growth.

Shop Kemon Liding Energy now

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Anti-Thinning Take Home Kit

The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Take Home Kit is the ideal product to retail to your clients because it offers a soothing and boosting hair care routine. Promoting thick and healthy locks filled with body, this three-piece kit includes a cleansing shampoo, lightweight conditioner and leave-in tonic. It also provides a feast for the senses with its aromatic blend of tea tree and kakadu plum. The best part? It’s been proven to reduce hair loss by 71%.

Additional Support

Your client relies on you for the answers to their hair loss issues, and it’s important to use the right resources so you can give them further guidance. If you and your staff are interested in the support available across the UK, we’ve compiled a list of some charities you can get answers from, donate to and participate with.


Alopecia UK is a charity that provides information, help and advice. They cover a broad range of hair loss related topics and also offer support groups throughout the UK.


Alopecia Awareness is a charitable organisation with a website designed to enable people with hair loss to educate themselves. It says the most important thing to remember is ‘You are not alone’.


Cancer Hair Care is the UK’s leading cancer hair loss charity offering advice, services and a helpline dedicated to supporting people before, during and after cancer treatments. They also offer free headwear, booklets and educational tools.


This charity provides human hair wigs free of charge to children experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment, and Salon Services is proud to be a financial supporter.


Providing education and training to hairdressers, this charity gives support to those who suffer medical hair loss and who require natural looking wigs.


NHS Choices is the UK's biggest health website. They offer extensive medical guidance about a vast range of hair loss topics and related medical issues.


The Institute of Trichologists is a professional body. Registered members who have completed the professional qualification can provide specialist advice for hair problems including wigs, hair transplants, hair loss, alopecia, receding hair, baldness, hair thinning and hair growth.

Shop all the care products to treat your client’s hair loss at Salon Services, and remember to stay updated on the latest hair and beauty news by visiting
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